Saturday, November 17, 2007

Who let the Dawgs Out?

Today we traveled down to Little Rock with our friends Nathan and Elizabeth to watch the Hogs vs the Dogs. We left early so we could stop by and visit Elizabeth's cousin at Children's hospital who had surgery this week. And then we needed to have a quick lunch so we ended up somehow eating at Wendy's in the GHETTO. That was quite an experience but we made it out alive.
The game was great. Great weather, we won, and it was Nutt's last game coaching in Arkansas. We ran into our friend Kacy (who's husband is a Miss St grad but he had to miss the game due to work - I'm thinking he's probably glad) and the Nortons!
After the game - we went and ate at Macaroni Grill and it was SO good.
We had such a fun day and did a lot of laughing on our drive to Little Rock and back. Scott and Nathan did a lot of imitations for us to keep us rolling.

Nathan and Elizabeth (I think I've talked Elizabeth into starting her own blog - so keep an eye out!)
Scott and I before we devoured our Penne Rustica
We had a great waitress, Nina, who Elizabeth made friends with and she took our picture!


The Garners said...

You look so cute in your red outfit--as always! I wish I could have seen you while you were in town! jlg

Anonymous said...

Ok, so for the record I work at ACH and have more than often ventured down to the Wendy's that I think that you talking about... as long as it is still daylight, you tend to be still pretty safe!
- Amy Wallace