Monday, November 19, 2007


Guess who got a haircut today and a cute orange scarf and is ready to start eating some turkey?


His Doorkeeper said...

Let me be the first to guess: our granddog, Mr. Dawson!! Lookin good!

Jessica said...

I love little Dawson!!!!!

Hillary said...

He looks great! I'm ready for some turkey too! However I don't need to eat it! I ate ENTIRE entree last night at A Taste of Thai and then had Maggie Moos! I did just get the kiddie size but still. I might have to let that be my Thanksgiving feast and call it quits!

RachelM said...

How cute! Happy Thanksgiving, Dawson!

The Garners said...

Bogart got a haircut today to and came home wearing a brown acorn bandana! :) I'm sure he'll eat lots of turkey this week.

Fran said...

Well it looks like to me that sweet puppy dog has on a Tennessee Vol bandana!!! :) I'm totally kidding...I just had to say that!
You know...I may live in TN, but I have Razorback red running through!

What an adorbale dog. He looks just like our 1st "born" before we had kids.

I'll check out the blog and am sure I'll be blessed. I'm glad you stopped by mine and i'll visit again and again. Where are you in AR? My sister-n-law and family are in Little Rock and my oldest friend on planet Earth is in Conway.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Fran said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED reading your blog! I know exactly where you are! I added you to "my favorites" and i'll see ya again soon!

Today is Oprah's favorite things episode and I'm off to watch that.
I know....I watch and wish I was there getting all that stuff. Its my favorite one of the year.

See ya later. Go Hogs Go!!
Wooooo pig soooooie!

Jessica said...

Does Dawson have a favorite Sonic meal? A number deal? He, he! Bichon loves the pup cup at Shakes Frozen Custard.

The Garners said...

How much weight did Dawson gain this week!? :)