Saturday, October 27, 2007

Too Old for Concerts

Yesterday we went to Tulsa. We stopped and ate Mexican for lunch on the way and got there in the afternoon. We checked into our hotel (see below). I had picked out this small boutique style hotel to stay in. It was downtown and I thought it would be fun to stay somewhere that wasn't a chain. It was pretty neat.

We thought the concert opened doors at 6 so we got there a little after 5. Only to find out after we paid to park that the doors didn't open till 7. So we got in line.
This is me right before we left to go to the concert. I realized hours later that I was completely over dressed. (Me? Never? Ask my old college roommate Kandi about how I used to wear Sunday dresses to class in college).
David Crowder is on a "club tour". Which means - instead of churches or nice venues - he is playing at clubs - to reach the unchurched. This is where the concert was - Cain's Ballroom.
Here was Scott standing in line. We stood in line for about an hour and a half to get in and realized that "club tour" = no seats. So we were very close to the stage but we stood for the entire time and were crammed in with hundreds of sweaty college and high school students who liked to jump up and down most of the time. We probably have never felt older.
So after an hour of standing in the ballroom just waiting for the concert to start - my feet were killing me (once again -poor choice of footwear). We were almost at the point of leaving .......but I'm so glad we did not. The concert was GREAT! He had 2 bands play before him and they were good but David Crowder was awesome! He played every song of his that I love and was just so good live. We loved it! Even though we could barely walk afterwards we were so sore and tired. My back nearly gave out. (Could I BE any older?) We would have liked to have hung around and had our picture made with him and met him.......but I could just barely stand up and it was WAY past our bed time. But it was such a great night.


Jessica said...

You looked so cute!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun is sad that we go through PAIN to be cute...huh!?!

Anonymous said...

I always remember you looking really nice at school. I don't think there's anything wrong with being overdressed. You'd fit in perfectly in Europe. Though I would stay away from California as it is pretty casual. :) Sounds like a fun weekend!