Saturday, October 27, 2007

"How's It Bra?"

Scott and I LOVE "Dog the Bounty Hunter". And we share that love with our friends the Murray's. They went to a costume party tonight and dressed as Dog and Beth Chapman. I knew it would be hilarious so I told them to take pictures. But since they live close to us - they did even better - they came over for a viewing. We laughed so hard. Mike was in character from the time he drove up. He acted like he was on a bust and arrested Scott. I think Kacy makes a GREAT Beth.

Mike and Kacy - I know you read this - I hope you won the costume contest! Thanks for the laugh! (Now I'm sharing it with everyone else) ha!


RachelM said...

Sad to admit it, but we also watch Dog the Bounty Hunter. What great costumes!! That is too funny!
Sounds like yall had a great weekend! The zoo is so much fun!

Jessica said...

Laughing my butt OFF!!!! That is seriously the funniest thing I have ever seen! Love the fake beard and the boobs!! Ha, ha, ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw it once...just didn't get it...I am way too much into the superficial shows like "The Hills"...This makes me want to watch though!!!!

Kimberly said...