Sunday, October 14, 2007

Game Day in Pictures

Yesterday was the Auburn game. We met my parents for lunch at Whole Hog BBQ for some traditional pre-game BBQ.

My parents
Scott's parents

After hanging out at home and watching football - we headed to the game. It was a beautiful day and we were full of anticipation that our hogs could pull off a win.

This is one of my best friends Hillary. Four years ago - Scott and I got season tickets for the first time together and Hillary got season tickets also and out of 70,000 seats - we miraculously ended up sitting right behind her. So we love being able to sit by her at games. This is her boyfriend Josh with her.

Scott and Hillary had to pose for a "twinkie" picture in their DMAC Jerseys. So cute! :-)
Scott and I before the game when we were still happy and smiling.
This is my favorite picture. The game was in one word - PITIFUL. It just put one more nail in the coffin that is HDN's coaching career at Arkansas. But the one highlight of the game is that right as the game started here came four Auburn fans squeezing in front of us in matching orange shirts. And the one that stood next to Hillary had to be at least 7 foot 6 inches. He was the tallest person I had ever seen. You can see where Hillary's head isn't even near his shoulder.
I think I'm ready for football season to be over (I can't believe I'm saying this) so you can put me out of my misery.


Lisa Sherrill Roach said...

Justin & I watched some of the game last night on TV. It was pretty sad. I actually looked for you every time they scanned the crowd.

RachelM said...

I always love reading your postgame posts! What a bummer about that game but I must admit I thought we would lose by a LOT more. And as always, your dress is so cute! You must have a ton of red dresses in your closet! Keep posting so I can see them all!

Jessica said...

LOVE your shirt! So T.J. Maxx-ish!!! I went there tonight btw. They have their Christmas stuff out! Gasp!!! : )

pinkmommy said...

PTIFUL is the perfect word.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if that is a shirt or a dress, but I covet it. WHY won't you ever help me shop, Kelly? It makes me mad at you. But I still love you. Kandi