Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Wests

Scott and I in our pre-game "blackout" outfits
Me and Kandi
Scott and I at the game
Annie - she's 3 and has the wildest hair I've ever seen - she is so cute!
Lowrey is 4 and she loves pink. She is ALL girl!
Kandi and Lance - I love them!

We had a special treat today because my friends Kandi and Lance and their girls and Kandi's parents came to town today to go to the game. So we got to meet up with them for lunch and then we spent a few hours at the promenade. Scott and Lance let the girls play on the playground while Kandi and I shopped and then we just sat outside and visited for a while.
Kandi was my roommate at OBU for three years and then she graduated a year early and married Lance. She was my matron of honor and has always been one of my best friends since we lived together when I was 17. She actually used to live down the street from my grandparents when we were younger so I used to play with her and her sister when I was there for visits. I have a picture of her at my 6 year old birthday party one year! Lance is one of my favorite people ever too and he especially asked for a "shout out" on my blog so I want to make sure he got one! This game was much better but of course we weren't playing anyone but the hogs did look much better. We were really tired so we left very early and came home. We have a busy day at church tomorrow.


Jessica said...

Your friend Kandi is a doll! I love her cute shirt! : )

Anonymous said...

I remember talking to them at your wedding--they're sweet! And I don't think I ever knew that K lived by your grandparents--that's neat! jlg

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for giving Lance a shout out on your blog, Kelly. Ha- where does he get this street talk??? It was so much fun to see you and Scott yesterday. Come see us soon! Kandi

Tiffani said...

Oh my gosh...I love Annie's hair! Looks like a fun visit!