Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Biggest Loser

I LOVE Fall. I love the weather. I love the leaves changing colors. I love football. I love fall candles. I love mums. I love fall decorations. I love new school supplies (even if I don't buy them - I just love seeing them in the stores). I love fall clothes. I love pumpkins and hayrides and bonfires. I love everything about fall - which is one of the reasons I had a fall wedding. And one of my other favorite things about fall - new fall TV shows!
And one of my newer favorite TV shows is the Biggest Loser. I think I like it because first of all I'm a little chubby and it motivates me. I mean if these people can lose 200 pounds - surely I could lose 10-15. And also because it is one reality show that actually changes people's lives. It is amazing to see these people come in who weigh 400 pounds and can't play with their children or barely walk and are so sad for the way the look and then at the end of their show - they are thin and healthy and have a new lease on life. It's amazing. I also just L-O-V-E Bob Harper the trainer. He is so kind and motivating. I wish he could come train me.
So I was so glad a new series started last night. I couldn't believe it when a 62 yr old man lost THIRTY ONE pounds the first week!!!! Others lost 25 or 20. Can you imagine? ONE WEEK! Maybe I could cut out a sonic drink or two and lose a few.


Anonymous said...

Oh--I love fall, too! I can't wait to go buy mums for the front porch (the petunias are nothing but a sad little pile of brown sticks in the flower pots now). And I think Bob the trainer is great, too! I hope Lane recorded the first episode last night--I didn't realize it was starting!?! I went to the gym for the first time in MONTHS tonight and I'm feeling kinda motivated...hope it lasts. This is the longest comment EVER...I should have emailed you! :) jlg

Jill said...

We love that show as well, and it does make you want to eat better & exercise!!! Jillian was kinda freaking me out last night...I don't think I would want to be on the black team!! I love Bob too!

Anonymous said...

Love this show. I haven't watched the first episode yet, but it's waiting for me on the DVR! I love Bob and Jillian scares me.

Anonymous said...

You just like Bob for his last name!!!


Tiffani said...

I teared up many times while watching Biggest it!