Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quiet Weekend

Scott got what we have needed for a long time.......a quiet, uneventful weekend. For the first time in about two months - Scott didn't have to work. (He FINALLY changed teams at work on Friday).
And since it was raining - we mostly stayed inside and vegged. I did a little laundry and a little housecleaning and a LOT of watching Lifetime movies. This weekend's theme on lifetime seems to be pregnancy - yesterday it was "Fifteen and pregnant" and then today I've watched "Unwed Father" with Brian Austin Green and right now I'm watching a movie where a woman finds out she's pregnant at 50 right when they were going to retire. Dawson and I have just snuggled in the bed and enjoyed being still. (and Scott even joined us for as long as he could stand it). ha!

Last night we ate dinner at our friends Kacy and Mike's house and we had such a good time. They are both so funny and just make us laugh. Mike was celebrating taking a new job - so we were excited for him.

Today was my last Sunday with this year's crop of 4 year olds but Scott and I have decided to teach again next year (after I had kind of decided not to) so I'm once again looking forward to it. There is a BIG class of 4 year olds coming up so it should be an interesting year. This morning they had all the kids who were going into 1st grade and moving up to "Crosswalk" come up and they gave them all Bibles. There were tons of them but I had at least 1/3 of them in SS 2 years ago and it's fun to see them grow and begin to accept Christ.