Sunday, July 01, 2007

You might be married to a computer geek if.....

You know you are married to a computer nerd when:
1. Copies of MacWorld arrive at your house each month
2. Your husband lies in bed at night reading books about programming code
3. You travel to Las Vegas to attend a Microsoft (nerd) conference.
4. While other people are out on Saturday nights watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" are at home watching a copy of "Pirates of Silicon Valley" (the story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs)

Oh yes - that is what we did last night. I learned all about the formation of Apple Computers and Microsoft. Please don't be jealous.


Anonymous said...

Lane gets MacWorld!! :)

Anonymous said...

While you were learning about the formation of Apple Computers, I was watching a National Geographic special on man-eating snakes...a great way to spend an anniversary! ha jlg

The Proctors said...

My hubby is a MAC guy too! He gets all the Apple literature so I know how you feel. To go along with that, we get Car and Driver, Guitar Player, Business Week, and Consumer Reports. Oh...the wonderful world of a Men's Hobbies!

Anonymous said...

Once you go Mac, you never go back!