Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Sunday, Scott and I were part of a group who were asked to film a video explaining what Sunday School means to us that will be shown next month as part of Sunday School emphasis month.
I only spoke for about 30 seconds (and I was mortified and beat red for those 30 seconds) but I could have probably talked for about 30 minutes on why we love our Sunday School class. And as a good preacher's daughter should ..... I think I'll list why and I'll use alliteration.
1. First Impression
Scott and I were so nervous to visit Sunday School that first few weeks and we used to sit and have pretend conversations with one another so we wouldn't have to make small talk with strangers. (which is why I try to make a special effort to be friendly to visitors). But everyone was so nice and inviting from the very first week that we kept wanting to go back. And after we went to our first fellowship and everyone was so easy to talk to ......we were hooked.
2. Fitting In
If we had never joined a SS class - we probably never would have gotten so plugged in to the church and never had found out how well we fit in with the church. There are 20-25 couples in our class who we just adore and it has give us other opportunities to join committees, meet other people and to have service in the church.
3. Fellowship
The couples in the class have TRULY become our dearest friends. I can't imagine our life without the people in our Sunday School class. There are some of the most REAL Christians I have ever met - some of the most Godly people. Also some of the sweetest people. Some of the most hilarious people I have ever met. Some of the most talented people. It's a true picture of when Jesus illustrated the body of Christ - where each person has a different gift and/or task and as a whole can do so many things. And we just like being around them. They make us want to be better people.
4. Food
We love to have potlucks, go out to eat, and like good southern Baptists - if you have an illness, a death or a baby - our class jumps at making you meals. That is such a ministry.
5. Faith
Since being in our class (and church) - my relationship with Christ has never been stronger. It's a daily process but I'm finally having a consistent quiet time, reading the Bible, praying like never before, tithing, trying to witness, and basically just trying to be more like Jesus. And Scott's salvation is a direct result of being involved in our church and the influence they had on him.
P.S. This picture is only of about half of the couples in our class - just the ones I happened to have pictures of on my PC.


Guy and Julie said...

Kelly - I thought we were friends. I realize I'm not the most handsome man in the world, but you don't have to cut off my head. On second thought, that's probably the best thing to do. I'm a happily married man and I don't want too many women stalking me.

Kelly said...

I fixed it so every one can see your smiling face now Guy! I don't want you to be the headless guy in a tux!

Jessica said...


Only a die-hard T.J. Maxx girl could recognize that tag in my bedroom picture! Too funnny! I love it! Hopefully, we will get all moved in soon. We have been building for nine months. Sigh..... : )