Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy 4th

We had a nice little middle of the week break this week! And for once it was a pretty sunny day too!

We had just a nice quiet day. We took Dawson to the park for a walk and a swim. (well - a forced swim). Then we spent most of the afternoon in the yard. Scott mowed and I pulled weeds for what seemed like hours. That night we went over to the Lawsons to watch the fireworks since they live next to the park where they display them.

It started out to only be 4 or 5 couples going and ended up being over 50 people so it was kind of a circus. I missed the fireworks because I decided I would rather stay inside and play with the little ones and their moms. I got to hold the Kay's sweet baby. The babies under 2 were not thrilled with the loud noises so we stayed inside where it was cool and quiet. I had planned to take lots of pictures and these are the only two I got - but they were two of the prettiest girls at the party anyway. Go here to see how much they have both grown since last 4th of July.