Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fun, Food and Friends

Nathan and Robert getting after it on Wii
Scott, Steve and Emily
The girls (minus me)
This is where we kept Emily for the night (just kidding)

We went over to a cookout tonight at the Leah and Wes' house with 3 other couples. We ate hamburgers, my dips, and some great fruit and strawberry cake. The guys played Wii and the girls visited and Emily entertained. It was a very fun night.


In His Army said...

The last time I was at Jamie's, Rhett & Jaiden climbed in Bogart's cage and shut the lid. We were laughing saying that it would be just our luck for us to bump heads and knock each other out and someone find the kid's locked in the cage! We made them get out just in case. :)