Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ladies who Lunch

I've had a pretty tough work week this week (can I just say that I'm SO glad that tomorrow is Friday?) But one bright spot has been that I've had three great lunch "dates" this week.
On Tuesday I ate lunch with a lady from church who I'm doing a Bible Study with this summer. She is a really neat Christian lady and it's so nice because she is one of only three women at my church (that I know of ) who do what I do so it's great to have someone to talk to. We ate at McAlister's Deli.
Then on Wednesday I ate with my two favorite girls in the world - Laurie and Emily. We ate somewhere our husbands wouldn't be caught dead - Taste of Thai. It was delicious. Emily had a ball as you can tell.
Today I ate lunch with my boss and her new baby and another lady I work with. We ate at Atlanta Bread Company and I held the baby most of my lunch.


Anonymous said...

So what do you do? I'm curious since only 3 ladies at your church do whatever it is that you do...