Saturday, May 05, 2007

Vegas - Last Day 'The Stamps love to eat!"

I don't think they gave me enough gumbo!
My yummy crepe!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Scott's steak the last night

We got up early on Friday (our last day) and went to the Paris hotel for the breakfast buffet and it did not disappoint! We ate a ton of food and then had crepes that were SO good! We waddled back to our hotel and went to a premium outlet mall and shopped a little. We tried to lay by the pool for a while but it was cloudy and kind of cold so it didn't last long.
We went to a restaurant at Mandalay Bay for dinner. I had seafood gumbo that was so good and Scott had another good steak! We had planned to eat dessert at a different place but we couldn't fit it in.
We had a flight out this afternoon at 2 but we decided we'd rather try to get back early. We had had a fun time but we were kind of done with Las Vegas. We missed diet coke (they only have pepsi), sweet tea, southern accents, nice people, and most of all - Dawson. So we left our hotel at 6 this morning and luckily got on an early flight with seats together! We made it back to the Land of Opportunity around 3 this afternoon and now I have mounds of laundry to welcome me home.