Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ode to Reality TV

So Andy picked Tessa. Even though I wasn't really crazy about either girl (much less Andy) - I'm glad he didn't pick Bevin. She was just kind of needy and a little crazy. Do you really think they will get married and stay married?

So tonight is the big night. Jordin or Blake? I hope it will be Blake! I can't wait! I think either one will be great. I'm excited to see what they do.

I'm a little sad because after this week - there will nothing to watch. What will I do with all my time?


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for Blake, too! (Does he remind you of Chris at all? I've been thinking that all season!?) jlg

The Proctors said...

I totally agree...what are we going to do with all this time on our hands?? I'm such a TV junkie...especially reality. I guess I need this break!