Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good news!

1. As of this Friday (if all goes well) - we have sold our car! This is my 4 runner that I love so much but we bought it and last year I got a company car. So it has sat in our garage while we continued to pay on it. So I finally decided to let it go. I sure will miss it but I won't miss the money we were throwing out the window each month.
2. My boss/friend is having her baby today! We first worked together at Wal-Mart 11 years ago and have remained friends and now she is my boss. ha! She and her husband tried a long time to have a baby so it's a blessing that she will be here today! We are just waiting on the call that Mackenzie Katherine has arrived!

3. The best news I have is that my little friend, Maddie, is FINISHED with her cancer treatments! They found a brain tumor on her in February 2006 and she has been taking chemo and radiation ever since and spent most of the year in the hospital. Her cancer is VERY serious and God is so good that she has made it through and has had no signs of it recurring. Here she is getting her last treatment! Her family is going to Walt Disney world next month with Make a Wish - I know that will be a week they will never forget!


Anonymous said...

I volunteer for MAW and it is such a delight to see the smile on their faces when they find out their wish is coming true! My favorite part is meeting the family at the airport because you can see the sheer excitement on the wish child's face right before the trip - So fun! I'm glad Maddie is doing so well. She's precious.

Congrats on selling your car!