Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have a couple of dilemmas and I need to know - what would you do?

1. I told you that I got a free Sonic drink and then a reduced price sonic drink last week. Well - I didn't go to Sonic the first few days of this week. So I went today and the girl at the drive thru deal just said "pull around" because she knew it was me. When I got to the window she said "okay - $0.88." So now she is just making up prices for me. I mean - a free drink every few months would be great! But I can't let her make up low prices for me every day. That's just not ethical. So I already had wadded up extra money today to give her and told her to keep the change. So now I'm almost too stressed to go to Sonic every day. I don't want her just making up prices for me. Oh dear!

2. My big dilemma is this: I have totally gray hair. I inherited it from my Dad's side of the family. I started going gray in high school and probably for the last 5-6 years I have been totally gray. So I have to get my hair colored every 4 weeks. Every time I go - I make an appt for the next time. Also - I've had the same hair lady for the past 10 years and she's like a friend by now. She even drove to Flippin and did my hair for my wedding without me asking. But she's in Fayetteville and it's not the most convenient for me to get there all the time.
So I have an appt for 2 weeks from now but I had to re-schedule because I have a conflict. But I can't get in for almost 3 weeks after that. So that's almost 7 weeks with no hair color. Yikes - I will be a " blue hair" by then. So should I try to get in somewhere in Bentonville just this once and then go back to her? Or wait it out and maybe touch up my roots by myself? (I've done it before) When I have a baby - I plan to switch to someone up here because it will just be too difficult to get down there after that anyway. It's a little scary to try someone new but then again it will be scary if I go that long without color too.

Such HUGE problems! :-) What do you think?


Jill said...

I agree it's a little strange to get a different price for a drink at Sonic everyday. Maybe you should just pull into the "slots" and pay with your debit card so she can't create prices :)

As a fellow gray-haired friend (I didn't start going gray until college though) I would say just hold out. Touching it up yourself could be scarier than letting the grays show. It may not be bad to check out a new place but only at the recommendation of a friend who gets her hair colored and it looks good...otherwise, you'll be blogging about your awful new hair color & will have to live with it for three weeks. Man the drama us gray-haired girls have to go through! Good Luck!!! :)

Anonymous said...


I think that you should just explain to the young lady that you don't feel so great about the prices being different everytime, you appreciate what she is trying to do, but that it is just not right to you. I think that she would be fine with that and I think that it would be better just to explain it to her.

About the hair, ask around, see if anyone of your friends there in the area know a good lady you could use for one time.

Anonymous said...

The above comment was from me, Amy Wallace! :)

Guy and Julie said...

1. Sonic, I agree with Jill, go to the slots. Or you could try another Sonic. There are only at least 3 within a short drive of your work.

2. Hair...I drive 45 minutes to see Eric, so I can relate to keeping with your same person. Do they have a cancellation list where they could call you? That's almost worth taking an afternoon or morning off work for!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I'd do about Sonic??? I can identify with the hair problems--I also inherited my Dad's gray gene! I hate paying to cover it up, but it stresses me out when I can see any gray at all. She went too brown with mine last time though, which also bothered me. I saw a lady I used to work with at church and she said, "Oh, your hair looks nice...but of course I liked it when it was red, too." :)That kinda shocked me! jlg

Rebekah said...

You can have my appointment with Janice! It is only two weeks away! That probably does not help though! Haircuts and color are a scarey thing to entrust to just anybody! I have had some BAD ones in my lifetime!

Who are you cheering for to win the Bachelor? Anyone but Bevin for me!!!!