Thursday, April 05, 2007

Walking in a "spring" Wonderland?

It's April the FIFTH.
In Arkansas
Last week it was 80 degrees



In His Army said...

Isn't this crazy? I planted a bunch of flowers and now I am going to have to drag them all in off the front porch. My grandmother had already planted her garden! By the way,no more posts about new treats at DQ or elsewhere please--I thought about it all day and finally gave in and stopped to get a kit kat blizzard on the way home. I brought one home to Mario and Jaiden to share so I wouldn't feel as guilty. Jaiden ran and grabbed it out of my hand and told her dad to let her have some first. She sat on her tricycle and ate it slowly while he watched with his mouth watering. Then we heard her say "oops!" She had dropped the majority of it on the concrete. Mario said it looked so good he wanted to eat it off the concrete! :)