Friday, April 13, 2007


I haven't had a lot to write about this week. It's been a busy week.
Tonight I'm helping with my second church banquet of the week. It's a lot of work and very tiring after a long day at work but I just enjoy serving so much. It's always fun to see who is at the different banquets and the different women (and men) who help serve are always fun to visit with while we work. I helped with a banquet for all the youth ministers in the area on Tuesday. Jay Strack was the speaker. It's exciting to hear about how God is moving with teenagers. Tonight is a banquet for the church ushers and safety team.
I'm looking forward to resting tomorrow and spending the day indoors. I am not in love with this cold, rainy weather we are having right now (where is spring?) but it gives me a good excuse to stay cuddled up inside and catch up on all the DVR'd shows I've been neglecting lately. (and possibly to clean my house). We had planned to go watch the hogs play FL in baseball but I only watch baseball in warm, sunny weather. I have 0% interest in baseball so I'm only there to feel the sun on my face and drink a big diet coke and people watch. (But I'll shiver in a rain suit for football any day!)

P.S. If you are a mom (or even if you aren't one yet like me) - and you don't read Beth Moore's blog (which you should).......go read this.


Amanda said...

I'm with you - this weekend will be filled with catching up on all my DVR shows. ER awaits!

Holly said...

Hi Kelly,

I saw your comment on Amanda's blog. Then I saw you were a Razorback fan! We lived in Little Rock for over two years and love it there. My husband's sister Angela is the secretary to the President of University of Arkansas, Dr. Sugg. He's a great guy!

Also, when we lived there, Bill Clinton was Governor and we drove by the Governor's house and saw a live Armadillo walking in front of the gate...unbelievable!

Finally, we had church supper and sat with Mike Huckabee...such a small world that Arkansas is!

Blessings on you, your hubby and your furry child, Kelly!
Love in Him,