Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just a couple of notes:

1. Update on our weight loss - Scott has lost 17 lbs and I've lost 8. Not too bad! :-)

2. We spent all day yesterday (from 9 a.m. until after 6 p.m.) re-doing our flower beds. We dug it all up and started from scratch. It was hard work. We are both very thankful to not have to do manual labor for jobs. We were exhausted last night and I think all of our muscles are sore today. But it looks much better and we should never have to do anything but re-mulch again! PTL!

3. We are leaving one week from today for a vacation in Las Vegas! Everyone looks at me funny when I tell them we are going there. We don't drink or gamble so seems kind of crazy. But Scott's work is sending him on a conference there so we basically had to pay for my plane ticket and then we are staying a few extra nights (in a cheaper hotel since we are staying in a nice place for the conference) so we paid for that. We hadn't planned on any kind of trip this year so it's nice to get to take one for less than if we took a week's trip to Branson or something. ha! While Scott is in class - I'll get to have the days to myself - sleeping late and reading a book by the pool. Heaven! We are excited just to go somewhere and spend a week together with no stress! (and I'm sure Scott will be excited to mingle with all the nerds and learn what's new and exciting with Microsoft. Be still my heart!)


Anonymous said...

Not Nice! Nerds need love to.

Rebekah said...

Scott is not a nerd! Have so much fun in Vegas!

Maybe I should use my blog as accountability for weight loss, too. That might get me a little bit more motivated if I post my progress! Way to go!