Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey Baby Let's go to vegas - bet on love and let it ride

When I'm coming up on a trip or vacation.......I always like to have a theme song that I can sing to help me get excited or to play at the beginning of the trip video that I make.
So when Laurie and I went to mexico a few years ago .........the theme was "Mexico" by James Taylor. Or when I went with 3 friends to New York was Ryan Adams "New York".
Two years ago, Scott and I went on a cruise that left from Miami and I wore him out with that song by Will Smith "Miami" only I could only remember like 4 words from the song so it was mostly humming.
When we went to see the hogs play in Los Angeles - I constantly sang that song "California" - the OC theme song. Of course - once again - I really only knew that phrase " we come!"
So now we are headed to vegas and I'm alternating between 2 songs .....Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" and Faith Hill's "Hey baby let's go to Vegas". At least 3 times a day - I try to serenade Scott with these songs to get him pumped. I think he's ready to leave me home. ha!
I could get real obnoxious and make it my ring tone!
What's your favorite trip song?


HogFan said...

That's too funny. The last couple trips we took we (ok, really it was just me!) had a couple songs.
We flew through Chicago on our way to New York and as soon as I saw the Chicago skyline I broke out in "Sweet Home Chicago" and after a few time the kid sitting behind me asked if Chicago was really my home! Once we landed at La Guardia it was "New York, New York!" and my favorite phrase the whole time we were there was "Do you really even understand the magnitude of where you are standing" I'm not real sure where that came from.
We are getting ready to take a cruise in June for our 10th anniversary (we married really young!)and I have to start thinking of our vacation theme song!