Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mercy Me

So last night the Stamps went to a concert. We went to see Aaron Shust, Audio Audreneline and Mercy Me at the Hammonds Center. It was a great concert. First was Aaron and I really liked him. He just sang a few songs. Apparently I'm getting old because next was Audio Adreneline and as Randy on AI would say "they were just all right for me". A little too rocky and loud for my taste but "Ocean Floor" was good.
The concert itself was a big mess. They were thousands of people there and it was totally disorganized. They had diffferent levels of tickets you could buy but when you got there - they had no clear marking of where to sit so all these people who paid a lot more for better seats unless they got there 2 hours early were out of seats. We had paid for next to the best but we could never figure out where we were supossed to be. We got near the front which was nice but before Mercy Me they wasted about 45 minutes trying to get everyone to swap out seats so that the people who paid more could sit in front. It was a disaster.
But it was worth it - Mercy Me was awesome! I could have taken 4 hours of just them.
You can take a trip with Mercy Me and Audio Adrenline to Hawaii in April where they will do a concert and you can surf with them, etc (ha!). Scott and I are trying to figure out how we can sell enough things on e-bay to raise the money to go. We figure we could get a lot for Dawson. (just kidding)
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Vonda said...
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Vonda said...

I love all three of them! That's a bummer that it was not well organized. Isn't this AA's last hoorah? They are quitting soon right?