Friday, March 30, 2007


You will probably notice a running theme in my posts - there is a lot of mention of food. Just scroll down - my last 2 posts are about a pie and a cake. When we went on our honeymoon to Maui, we returned with 300 pictures we took and probably 250 of those were ones Scott took of our meals - and mostly the breakfast buffet. If you ask him what his favorite thing about our honeymoon was- his answer will always be that breakfast buffet. (how about your blushing bride? huh?)

So it's no surprise that possibly we might need to lose a few pounds. With spring coming and the fact that most of my warm weather clothes are just a little too tight - we decided to pursue a family diet. So for the last week and a half - we have put ourselves on Atkins and have also been up at 5 to hit the gym. (well not every day but I'm proud of the 2 days this week!) ha! I usually don't last 3 days on these diets but I'm actually doing well. I haven't been as hungry or tempted to cheat and we did a mid-week weigh in this morning and Scott has lost 11 pounds in less than 2 weeks and I've lost FIVE!

So I"m proud of us but the REAL reason for our weigh in was because I saw a commercial last night for the new kit kat blizzard at Dairy Queen and we decided if we had a successful weight loss week - this would be our weekend treat!


Anonymous said...

I wish we had a DQ here!!! I saw that Kit-Kat commerical and was tempted, too! :) jg

Amanda said...

Me too, sister! At least 50% of what I talk about is food. We have been "on a diet" since January, mostly abstaining from McDonald's and Taco Bell and eating Lean Cuisines instead. We have both lost between 5 and 10 pounds. Although I've been rewarding myself too much lately! Where did y'all stay in Maui? That is where we honeymooned too. We stayed at the Hyatt. Hopefully we'll make it back someday.

Guy and Julie said...

Good for you guys! I'm so glad I didn't make the chocolate chip cookies I had been planning to make for when you came over this week!! I'm so proud of you. Who needs Weight Watchers??!!