Monday, January 29, 2007

Here She Comes...................

When I was a little girl - Miss America was always on Saturday nights in the fall. My mom would always pop some popcorn and we would sit in the living room and watch and I would keep score on my little notebook. I've always loved watching the pageant. When Laurie and I lived together we would get a tube of cookie dough and a spoon and eat up while we were critical about the girls' hair or thighs. (I realize I had no room to talk but I wasn't on TV walking around in a bathing suit).
So even though it's gone downhill and you have to really look to find it hidden away on a Monday night on CMT - I wasn't going to miss. I'm only halfway through and I'm very disappointed that Miss AR didn't make it to Top 10 but I'm still enjoying it. I only hope one day I'll have a little girl that I can fix snacks and watch with one day.
P.S. All the top 5 finalists are from the south - is there any doubt that the prettiest girls live in the south???


Anonymous said... oldest daughter and I sat in her glued to the tv last night as well. She has dreams of being there one day, along with being an equine vet, missionary, etc. She is very ambitious! They once said the South shall rise again! I definitely took note they were Southern girls and many brunettes. I was glad (for my fair haired oldest daughter) that the winner was a blonde, so Jess wouldn't think there was no "hope" ever for a blonde! ha ha ha

The Proctors said...

As I was reading your post, it brought back memories of when I would watch it growing up with my mom. So much fun!! I also caught the 2007 Miss America the other night and was thrilled that all top 5 were from the south! Southern girls are definitely the best!