Thursday, January 11, 2007


I'm sure Scott will make me take this off once he reads it but it was too funny not to post.
As you know, Scott got saved in December and he's been trying to co-ordinate with his family when they can come up here for him to be baptized. We had finally decided it would be in March but he had forgotten to e-mail the church and let them know.
Well yesterday afternoon he got a call from our associate pastor. He called to tell me about it and he said "This kind of made me mad - I think my feelings should be hurt". Our associate pastor called to say they were baptizing several "husky" men on Sunday - and did Scott want to get baptized then too?
Scott wanted to know if they were putting less water in the baptism and bringing out the big guns. He had to tell them he couldn't do it that day. But I'm sure we'll be interested to see what happens on "Big Boy Baptism Day". ha! We laughed about it all night. Especially when we went to church last night and sat right by the pastor who called him.


Guy and Julie said...

Maybe the boys will "get their swell on" at the gym after all! :) I am laughing so hard right now.

Vonda said...

That's hilarious! Can't wait to see it! thanks for sharing.