Sunday, December 03, 2006

Razorbacks, Birthdays and Dream Homes

I've had a very busy but fun weekend. I'm so sad because I've had three fun events in a row that I failed to take pictures of. This post would be must more interesting with pictures but you can use your imagination.
We got to watch the frustrating loss last night with the Nichols and the Greens. Although I'm sad we lost - I did enjoy watching it with good friends. The hogs still had a great year and we are going to a good bowl so there is nothing to hang our heads down about.
Today has been a CRAZY busy day but a very fun one. Today was the hanging of the green service at church where all the choirs from the 3-5 year olds and up sing and it was very good. Then Scott and I had our first Sunday on the welcome team. It went pretty good. I had to show a couple of people to SS classes. Then we went to Johnny Carino's with 3 other couples to celebrate Julie Green's birthday! Her actual day is not till Tuesday but it was nice of Guy to invite us all to lunch. We had a great time visiting.
Then after lunch, my friends Elizabeth, Laurie and Hillary and I went on the junior league tour of homes. We got a late start and only hit 4 out of 12 homes but it was so fun. We are already ready to go again next year. But next year we are starting right at 11 so hopefully we can hit more. One of the homes we went to was worth our whole trip. It was 9000 square feet and just unbelievable. A plastic surgeon, his wife and their soon to be 8 children live there (they have 6 girls and are adopting twin boys).
I got home and we went right to church. We had a special guy who did a one man drama of the life of Jesus. It was very good. I love Sunday night church.
What a fun weekend!