Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lunch Break

Clockwise from L: Stacy, Trenton, Missi, Laurie and Emily

Today I got to go to one of my favorite places (P.F. Cheng's) with my best friend, an old friend and a new friend.
Laurie (and Emily) and our old friend Missi and our new friend Stacy (and her son Trenton) all met for lunch. Laurie and I got to be friends with Missi back in our swinging single days. Missi had gone to OBU a few years before us and we met her at church. She is one of the sweetest people I know. She has an identical twin, Krissi, and they were both homecoming queens at OBU. Stacy and her husband have begun attending our Sunday School class. She is so sweet. We discovered that she used to work with Missi and they are good friends. So we all got together for lunch today. It was a lot of fun and Trenton and Emily were so good.


Laurie said...

You are always so "on the ball." Lunch was LOTS of fun!