Friday, December 08, 2006

Joy to the World

Something very exciting and wonderful has occurred at the Stamps house and I want to share it with you.
For the past couple of weeks, Scott has really been seeking God and studying his word, praying, listening to our pastor's sermons on-line and struggling with the fact that he didn't know for sure whether he was ever truly saved. He knows he walked an aisle when he was 12 and got baptized but he didn't feel like he ever changed. He said "he didn't come out of the church that day any different than when he went in".
I've noticed a distinct change in him ever since mid November. He's had this peace and joy that I can't explain about him. One night this week - I sat him down and asked him what had changed. He opened up and shared what he'd been going through and told me he'd like to talk to Jason, our Sunday School teacher, so I encouraged him to do so.
Last night, Jason came over late after his work Christmas party and talked to Scott. Scott poured out his heart and was just broken before God. He then prayed a prayer of salvation. A very humble and powerful prayer of salvation. And I have never been more proud of my sweet, strong husband than I was last night.
We stayed up late talking and crying. This morning we started a 40 day study on Grace by David Nassar. I'm so excited about what God is doing in the life of my husband and in our marriage. Scott said he's finally figured out what is important in life - not money, not fame, nothing really matters but Jesus. He told me he just wants to serve God all the rest of his life. With God all things are possible!
Scott is planning to walk the aisle Sunday and ask to be baptized. This is the best Christmas gift I could have ever been given.


Anonymous said...

Kelly--this is so wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! jlg

Laurie said...

Steve and I rejoice with you! We are so proud of Scott. We love ya'll.

K said...

Scott - We are so happy for you! Thank you for sharing this.

In His Army said...

Praise God for what he has done in your lives and for what he is going to do! How exciting!