Thursday, December 21, 2006

Birthday Bash

Tonight I got to have a pre-birthday celebration. My parents and my Aunt Linda came over today and did a little shopping and then they came over after I got off work and we went out to eat. We were going to go to P F Chengs but they had an hour wait so we went to Outback. It was so good. My aunt got me some very cute things for my birthday and my mom got me a Rachel Ray cookbook! :-) My mom also made me and my aunt a cookbook with all the recipes she found in my mam-ma's house that she had hand written out. It was so special to have some of my mam-ma's favorite recipes in her own handwriting. I'm SO glad my mom did that for us. Posted by Picasa


Guy and Julie said...

The cookbook of your mam-ma's recipes is such a sweet idea. You'll keep and use that forever. Plus, you'll have really great recipes--haven't you said she was a great cook?!
Merry Christmas!

In His Army said...

Happy Belated Bithday Kelly! By the way--GREAT Shirt! I tried one on almost identical to that one but needless to say it didn't look so good on me but you're wearin' it good!