Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thank You God

Today was a great Sunday! My friend Julie who teaches sunday school with me was out of town so I offhandly mentioned to Scott last night that he should come help me this morning. I really didn't think he would but I got up early this morning and when I came out of the shower - he was up and when I asked him what he was doing he said "what time do we need to leave?" I can't tell you how thrilled I was. And he was SO great with the kids. I know he will make the best dad some day. The kids loved Mr. Scott. And they wanted "Mr. Scott" to give them their snack. We went around our circle this morning and said what we were thankful for. My favorite answer was when one of the little boys said he was thankful for "Toys R us". ha! We did the same thing in our adult Sunday School class and I really enjoyed hearing as most people shared what they were thankful for this year. We have SO much to be thankful for. I shared 3 things but I could have shared 300.
After Sunday School we had a potluck lunch and it was a lot of fun. I don't realize how many kids we have in our class until we all get together with the kids and it was a circus but so fun! We had three new/visitor couples this morning so that was a good time to visit with them. One of the new girls asked me if there was anyone in our class who was NOT nice because everyone had been so welcoming and nice to them. I was thrilled to say that no - everyone is really nice not just in our class but in our church. Another new couple had shared that they were already thankful for our class and how warm everyone had been to them.
I'm SO very thankful for a church home. And for a group of wonderful Christians who I don't just go to church with but who have all become our best friends. I have grown in my walk with Christ so much over the last 3 years and I think our marriage has greatly benefited from being so in the center of God's will and God's word so much. And from the Godly wisdom of those God has put in our path through FBC. We are blessed over and over and the little I can do to give back to the church (and to God) will never be enough.


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for de-lurking on my blog. I loved scrolling down and reading a bit about you. Bebo & I grew up together in Columbus. He was a year older than me and his little sister was a year younger. His parents wer emy Sunday school teachers in 11th & 12th grade and his sister in law & I did Young Life together. We both went to First Baptist. Even in middle school EVERY girl had a crush on him. We have lost touch over the years, but I still buy all his music--my kids love it! I was excited to read recently that he & Roshare are expecting their first baby.

Guy and Julie said...

I'm glad church went well yesterday. Maybe Guy and Scott could team teach the 3 year olds together.