Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Fun

Today has been a good Sunday. We are learing how we can talk to God in 4 year old Sunday School right now and today we learned about Elijah praying for rain. So we sat under umbrellas and looked at books about rain and did puzzles and then we drew rain pictures. They listened so well duringthe story today and most of them wanted to pray out loud. It was very sweet.
We had missionaries from Africa in church today and they showed such a neat slideshow. Then we had a meeting after church because Scott and I are going to be on a new welcome committee. Twice a month we will man a welcome booth at church. I think it will be a neat ministry opportunity. Laurie and Steve are doing it also so after the meeting we went and ate lunch at Copelands (my favorite). We got big desserts after lunch. YUM! I enjoyed playing with Emily during lunch. She had on a very sassy zebra dress today. Tonight our choir is doing a Night of praise so I know it will be great! Posted by Picasa