Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Last night Laurie and I went to see Bebo Norman in concert (and Aaron Shust and Brandon Heath). It was very good. Laurie and I have gone to Bebo concerts ever since he started out about 11 or 12 years ago. He used to come to UBC a lot and do small accoustical concerts and he did some of that last night so it brought back good memories. We saw several old friends at the concert too. We had a great time. We were too tired to try and stand in line and get our picture made but my friend Melinda did so I thought I'd post her picture with him. Melinda has had her picture made without pretty much every Christian artist so I knew I could count on her.

P.S. I have to add that Bebo admitted he was a HUGE SEC fan and a lifetime Georgia fan. He went on to comment that AR was having an awesome year and he knew we would beat FL and hoped we would! You know it's a great year when you go to concerts and they are talking up the hogs! :-)


The Comptons said...

Surprise, surprise . . . Melinda getting her picture made with a Christian artist??

Kelly said...

She's the ULTIMATE Christian groupie!!!! :-)

HogFan said...

I like all three of those artists. Sounds like it was a good show and that you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing.