Monday, October 23, 2006

Sad Day

This week Dawson turns four and today he got some VERY sad news. No more people food.
If you know us or Dawson - you know he is OBSESSED with food. I mean EXTREME obsession. He has pretty much eaten every food item imaginable in the last 4 years. If you even mention "sonic" - he nearly has a heart attack.
Well - unfortuanetely for him - he also has terrible allergies. They got so bad this weekend that a rash on his stomach spread to his "private parts" and they became scary swollen so I took him to the vet today. She said he is most likely experiencing food allergies and he may need to go on a vegetarian diet (death words to Dawson) (or his mom and dad for that matter). She said I could bring in the labels from everything he eats and let her look at them. I didn't dare admit that he eats anything I eat. But right then and there - I knew - he could never eat people food again if we want him to have a happy healthy life. Sometimes you just have to give tough love as a parent. When he looks at me with those sad eyes and begs for food and I don't give him any because I'm trying to do what's best from him - I kind of understand God - when I ask for things I don't recieve because He has a better plan.


Anonymous said...

I understand!!! Bogart has joint problems in his back legs, and the vet said he really needs to drop 2 or 3 lbs (which doesn't sound like much but he said it would be about like a man losing 30 lbs!!) So I've been trying to do better about giving him people food, but I feel sorry for him because he doesn't understand why we all-of-a-sudden won't share!

Guy and Julie said...

Dear Dawson,
Happy birthday! I'm sorry you got sick this weekend. Mom says I should quit begging at the table or I might get sick too. I especially like chocolate when she drops it on the floor. I don't get it, but Mom completely freaks out when I eat it. One time I stole a whole chocolate muffin, and I thought Mom was going to cry. She said I might have to go see Dr. Parker, but then I didn't have to. I think she's a hypochondriac sometimes. Anyway, it sounds like you've had a much better cuisine experience than I have. Lucky dog! At least it was good while it lasted, right? What's Sonic?
Love, Ellie
P.S. I miss you. Do you think you might want to play with me now that you're four years old?