Monday, October 16, 2006

New Bed

Saturday morning before the game - my parents came and brought us a daybed. They had bought it and had it in my dad's office when my mam-ma was alive so she would have somewhere to stay downstairs but now my dad has decided to turn his office into an office so they gave me the bed. I like it a lot. We put it in the "nursery". (No I'm not pregnant yet but hopefully soon it will be a nice place for me to lay down in those long nights when you first have a baby.) My mom even gave me the bedding she had with it. It will work very nicely until we change it over to pink or blue! :-)
Speaking of the exciting is it to be #13 in the BCS? And to hear rumors of "heisman" and "SEC championship" and "winning out". This is turning out to be a very exciting year for my hogs!!!!