Thursday, September 14, 2006


In honor of his birthday, here are 10 of my best memories with my dad:
1. In 7th grade when I attempted to play basketball and sat on the bench the whole season - he came to EVERY game.
2. When I made cheerleader - he not only came to EVERY game but tried to help me with my cartwheel skills and would offer to pay me to try one.
3. How he always made family car trips fun - we always got fun candy at the gas stations and ate at fun places. Even now - it's fun.
4. Going to millions of razorback games (football and basketball) - just me and dad. And how we'd talk about the team on the walk there and talk about the game on the way back. I loved every one.
5. How he cried in the parking lot when he dropped me off at college (when I couldn't wait to go back in the dorm)
6. The day he married me and Scott.
7. How he always knows how to make me feel better when I feel sad.
8. How he always makes me feel like I can do anything.
9. How he shows me how a husband and a father should be.
10. He told me about Jesus. And he told others. And my favorite memories will always be of him preaching and going on mission trips and watching him do all the things that pastors do.
I love you dad! Happy Birthday!