Saturday, September 23, 2006

FBC Ladies Retreat

Last night and this morning - I went to a women's retreat at the Embassy Suites for the women of our church. It was so fun. It was more of a fellowship and fun retreat than a women's conference and I really enjoyed it. Sheena Ober showed us a bunch of decorating tricks and I thought she did such a good job - she even gave us tips on where to find very CHEAP finds! She made the most beautiful wreath! I'm dying to get to Hobby Lobby and try my hand at copying her but I'm sure mine will never turn out that beautiful. I got called on stage to help her make this urn full of flowers and then she gave it to me! I was so excited but so embarrassed to be on stage.
Then they had a fashion "what not to wear" show by the lady who owns a dress shop in town.
Most of the women spent the night, which would have been fun - especially if you had children and just wanted a night of rest and adult conversation - but I chose to sleep in my own bed. Only the storms kept me up half the night.
Today our pastor's wife had written this play that was so good. She and 3 other women performed and it was just wonderful.
I just love all the women in our church. There are so many with so many different talents. And they are all so friendly and so loving and just REAL Christians! I feel so blessed to be in their fellowship!