Monday, August 21, 2006

Texas Part 2

Saturday morning we met up and headed for Grapevine mills mall. Guy's roommate from OBU and his wife and little boy were in town so they met us there. We ate lunch in the food court and then did some shopping. Scott and I had a little snack of cold stone creamery. I bought several things at Forever 21 and Scott got a shirt and 2 hats at the Dallas Cowboys store so we were both pretty happy. After that we headed back to the hotel to change and head to the concert. We couldn't take cameras in the concert so unfortunately this is where the picture taking ended. Dave Matthews was VERY good. But remind me to never go to a outside concert in Dallas in August again. It was TERRIBLE. It's just miserable when it's still 100 degrees at 10 at night and you can hardly breathe the humidity is so bad. But we had a great time. I was so exhausted from the heat so we slept great that night.
Sunday morning we checked out and headed for Ikea. That was quite a shopping experience. They even have a cafeteria where you can get a full breakfast for 99 cents so we took advantage of that. (and forgot to take our cameras in). On the way home we hit up the Allen Outlet Mall. We could have spent hours there but we needed to get home so around 2:30 (after a quick stop at Dairy Queen) - we headed home. It was a full and fun weekend with friends - DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! Posted by Picasa


Guy and Julie said...

thanks for posting the most unflattering picture EVER as the first thing you see when you open your blog! there will be vengeance...

we had a great time in dallas, we'll have to do it again, but this time, no outdoor concerts.

JAMIE said...

Hey - your friend's wife is Julie Bowen (that's her maiden name anyways!) She's from my hometown of Mena!


I was told about your blog right after Harper was born, and have been following it ever since!

Also, my sister is Kori Hudson, and she told me she's going to be taking some pics of your beautiful little one! Can't wait to see them!

The Atkinsons said...

This is random, but I was born and raised in Grapevine, Texas before moving to South Carolina. It always amazes me how small the world really is! Although, to be fair, Grapevine has more than tripled in size since I moved there in 1988.