Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shake and Bake

Our church had a clothing drive yesterday morning. I helped for a few hours - it was really neat. They said in church this morning that 1900 families got clothes. I'm so glad that our church has this and recognizes that in an area of the state that is so prosperous and where most are so weathly - there are still so many people who are in need. Two people that came accepted the Lord as their savior. It was worth all the work for that.
Last night we went to see "Talledega nights" with our friends Guy and Julie. It was pretty much how you would expect a Will Ferrell movie about the redneck south to be. Afterwards we ate at Marias and had fun guessing who in there we thought had either been to see the movie or would be going after they eat (based upon the # of Nascar shirts people were wearing). ha! To end our evening - we drove around and looked at the storm damage in Bentonville. It was kind of like a mini tornado had hit.