Thursday, July 06, 2006


Scott is going with a few guys tonight to the movies to see "Nacho Libre". I could not be happier for 2 reasons - I'm glad he has a good group of guys to hang out with and also I'm so glad I don't have to go see that. Plus all the wives are going in a week or 2 to see " The devil wears prada" and I'm sure all the husbands are more than happy to stay home and keep the babies/dogs instead of being dragged to that.
I'm leaving tomorrow for Dallas with my parents. My brother has asked them to come this weekend to meet his girlfriends parents. Should be very exciting! I think we are all hoping for some "special news" while we are there. It's also my mom's birthday on Saturday so it will be a fun family weekend. Scott is staying behind to tend to the yard and Dawson.


K said...


It was a funny movie. And yes, we ARE a great group of guys.