Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oklahoma.... where the toll booths never seem to end!

Elizabeth, Laurie, Julie and me at the conference this morning (after NO sleep)

Friday afternoon - Me and 3 friends left for Oklahoma City to attend a Beth Moore conference. We had such a good time! We got there late in the afternoon after driving through pouring rain and giving our last dime to OK roads at the hundred of toll booths and nearly forgetting our tickets and/or wallets. We got checked in and headed over to the conference. It was, of course, wonderful. The music was great and Beth spoke on trust - and why it is so hard to let go and trust God - especially on "this thing" that we each are dealing with. Sometimes it's just like it's you and her in the room and no one else - because she is speaking directly to you.
After the conference we headed over to Bricktown (which is downtown OKC). It's SUCH a neat area - all these neat restaurants with a river running down town and they had a lot of live music. We sat outside and had a small meal. Then we went back to the room and talked and laughed so hard until about 2 a.m.
This morning was an adventure - 4 prissy girls with one bathroom and then we blew a fuse and had to wait to get our power turned on. (We found out later we weren't the only ones). This morning was great once again. I got to see my mom for a few minutes! Elizabeth left early to go to a wedding so Julie, Laurie and I ate at sphagetti warehouse (college flashbacks) and then headed home. We got stuck in a lot of traffic and had to make a lot of bathroom stops so the drive home seemed to take forever but we talked a lot and just had a great time.
It's so good to have such wonderful Christian girlfriends. Every woman needs a lot of girls to be able to laugh and share with. I'm ready to go again next year. Posted by Picasa