Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kauai - Day Three 5-23-06

We ate breakfast early once again and then headed out to tour the island. Our first stop was at the Kilauea Lighthouse (see pic). This is the northern most part of Hawaii. We met an older couple from Alabama there. It was nice to meet up with some southerners. They saw Scott's razorback visor and immediately wanted to talk football. They even knew about Mitch Mustain. We talked to them for a long while. We left there and next stopped at the coconut marketplace in Kapaa. We got a shaved ice. That is a big deal on kauai and it has ice cream on the bottom and is huge. (see pic). (Laurie - you would have LOVED it!)
It started to rain then. (our day had constant weather changes). So we had to put the top on the jeep and we continued driving until we reached Kalaheo on the south side of the island. We ate at Brick oven pizza which came recommended in our guidebook and it was VERY good as you can see. We then drove up to the Waimea Canyon. This is the grand canyon of the pacific. We had to drive up a mountain - it's 4000 ft up. We went from 85 degrees and sunny to 65 and cold and rainy. Crazy. The view was spectacular. Our pictures can't do it justice.
The south side of the island is where they raise sugar. There are fields and fields of sugar cane and a sugar mill. You can see the picture of where they have harvested some of the sugar.
We came down and began to drive back towards the northside and our hotel. It's about an hr and a half drive. We then had dinner in our hotel and it was wonderful. We sat outside and it's so cool at night and there was candlelight. Very romantic!
We have decided we either need to retire here or at least buy a second house one day and spend a lot of our time here. We love it. Except all the locals seem to be very earthy hippies and I'm pretty sure they are all smoking pot or at least growing pot. Hitchhiking and vetetarian restaurants are very common here also. And there are tons of churches but very odd churches - like hindu temples and "dharma churches". I've only seen one Baptist church. I'm not sure we would fit in as locals but we would sure like to try.