Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kauai - Day One 5-21-06

Yesterday was the worst day Scott or I have ever had travelling. It was just a horrible day. We were to leave XNA for LAX at 10. That flight got delayed until 2 so we changed flights and went to Chicago instead. Well - of course - we got delayed in Chicago. (when have I ever been there and not been delayed). So we got to LA 8 hrs later then were were suppossed to originally and missed the last flight to HI. And of course they didn't have our luggage either. So they gave us a voucher for this horrible hotel. The first picture shows that there was a shower right next to the bed. And it was horrible getting ready this morning with nothing. We are wearing the same clothes and my hair is all curly cause I had no way to fix it.
But today was a much better day. First we got our trip extended by one day so we won't be home until Sunday now. Then our flight to Kauai went fine and our luggage showed up. Then we got our car upgraded to a jeep! We got to Kauai around 2 HI time. (they are 5 hrs behind AR time). We stopped and ate lunch at the ONO char burger. Chuck Norris and Steve Tyler have both eaten there. ha! Then we made it to our hotel and now everything is totally worth it! The hotel is AMAZING. The nicest place I have ever seen. And our room is so nice. We were supposed to have a garden view and instead we have a breathtaking view of the ocean, beach and the mountains. It is the most beautiful view I have ever seen. (See the picture) We are SO excited!!!! So far we love Kauai. It's worth all the trouble it took to get here.
Tonight we are going to eat in the hotel restaurant and then go to a grocery store to get snacks and drinks.
Have a good week - I know we will! We will continue to update!


Anonymous said...

What a view!!! Where are you staying? Wish I was there! :)