Friday, May 26, 2006

Kauai - Day Five 5-25-06

We spent the most part of our day on the most beautiful beach ever formed. We had the best time. We stopped at a grocery store and got sandwiches and took a cooler with our picnic lunch and drinks and there was hardly anyone on this beach. The waves are so strong it's not safe for swimming or surfing. But we didn't want to swim out far anyway. It was a LOVELY day with great weather. Just the best day.
Then we drove to Lihue and ate at Duke's Canoe Club. It was very good. We both had steaks and they also had hula pie. We had this in Maui and it was so good we had to have it again. Then of course like good Bentonville residents - we had to go to Wal-Mart. ha! We actually needed a few things and I wanted to check out power tools and floor care. :-)
Today is our last full day and we are sad. I tried to talk my parents into shipping Dawson over here so we could just live.