Sunday, April 23, 2006


I've always had a secret dream of one day being a waitress. I don't know why I never took it up at Pizza hut in high school or at the "sizzler" at OBU when it would have been a good time. The dream is pretty much dead because I don't see that happening unless Scott or I lose our jobs and we get destitute. But I always thought it would be fun and that I would have been good at it.
Well - I finally sort of fulfilled my dream on Friday night because I worked at a church banquet for ushers and spouses. We had to wear white shirts and black pants and aprons (very waitressy) and go around making sure everyone had plenty of iced tea and clearing plates and pretty much just doing everything but taking orders. I LOVED it. I'll get to do it again in a couple of weeks at a banquet for the graduating seniors of FBC and I can hardly wait. I will remember to wear more comfortable shoes this time. And even though we didn't get tips......they did give us a copy of "my utmost for His highest" and that's probably something I need more than a few dollars anyway. ha!