Monday, April 10, 2006


We went to Magnolia this weekend to visit my in-laws. We had a good visit. We didn't get there till about midnight on Friday night. Saturday we ate a big breakfast that my Father-in-law cooked for us. Then it didn't seem like too long after that - we ate a huge lunch. It was such a pretty day and they just built a nice deck on their house and they have all these flowers planted and we sat outside a lot of the day and just enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. Sat night we went to the Rails to eat. It was VERY good. Good catfish! Then we went to see Scott's cousin's new house. Stephen and Amy just built a big log cabin. It's very nice. We had planned to leave early that morning and come home and Scott woke up with a terrible stomach virus. Bless his heart he was so sick. Around noon he decided he could make it and I thought we were up for a terrible trip home but it wasn't too bad.
Here are some pics of Scott's family and of Dawson playing with his cousin Bandit.