Sunday, March 26, 2006


Well - we had a fun birthday day yesterday in Branson. We shopped at the Outlet mall and found several bargains. Scott got 5 dress shirts and a pair of pants and I got several tops and we only spent about $150. Got to love that! I was in the dressing room at Banana Republic and these 2 girls were talking cause they apparently ran into each other and went to school together and then one of them said "I love to see Ouachita people". I was so excited. I said "I went there." One girl was an E and one was an MK. Small world! :-)

After we shopped - we hit up Cold Stone Creamery! YUM! We split a birthday cake remix. (In honor of the b-day boy). We took some pics and when we were leaving these 2 old women were outside and they said "you must be newlyweds." I smiled and said no but secretly it made me so happy that to outsiders we still seem like we might be on our honeymoon.

We had plans to eat at this restuaurant I found on-line that was supposed to have this great view of the lake. Well - we drove by there around 4 just to check it out and it didn't look too great and the view was better out our own living room window than that restuarant. So we decided just to come on home and we ate at Copelands instead. It was delicious of course. We ran into the Sweets and talked to them a while.

Today was church and it was a great morning. My 4 year olds were fun, it was the chest of Joaz Sunday and we put in our committment cards, and we had a great SS class on witnessing - which is the emphasis for this month and something I definetly need to work on.

Now I'm watching George Mason beat UConn and I think it's hilarious. There are about to be no #1 seeds in the tourney. That is what makes march madness so great!


Anonymous said...

Well, Kelly, you could be a journalist for the newspapaper in all your spare time. These snapshots of your fun things are fun to read and does let us know a little about what you two are up to. Thanks for sharing that with us. Love you much.