Monday, July 20, 2015

This post is sponsored by Kohl's and Carter's.

Well, we are three weeks out from the start of school in my area and I have mixed emotions.  I'm ALMOST ready to be back in the routine but I'm also in disbelief that my middle baby starts kindergarten! I will say it's MUCH easier the second time around sending a child to school.  I cried and cried before sending Harper and this time I'm mostly excited.  Only because I know she will love it and I have seen how great it can be!

I'm sending off a second grader, a kindergartner and one little baby boy to Mother's Day Out.  So this means I'm busy lining up backpacks, school supplies and school clothing and shoes.

Kohl's and Carter's asked me if I wanted to do a little Back To School shopping with them.  And I jumped at the chance because I love them both.

I've always been a big fan of Carter's.  My kids have almost only exclusively worn carter's pajamas.  They are just the absolute best.  And I love their outfits too.  And Kohl's always runs such great deals on kid's clothes.

They have everything from infant to size 8 kids.  

Such cute fall styles and it was all on sale!!!!!

So many cute and comfortable options for girls! 

And for boys!!!

Will Holden has been rocking Carter's pajamas non stop.  

I got Hollis and Will Holden several new outfits for the  fall.  Harper wears a bigger size so I'm sad she missed out.  But look at this cute dress! Which Hollis insisted on wearing with her white flip flops.  This would be cute for church or school or any day she felt like dressing up.  

Hollis LOVED this outfit and wanted to wear it TODAY but I had to make her take it off since it's currently 95 degrees but I told her she would look so cute this fall wearing this to Kindergarten.  I could die at how old this makes her look.  And the pose is all her own! 

She was proudest of this outfit.  We loved the Carter's jean jacket and I know she will end up wearing that constantly as it gets cooler.  

These are all Carter's outfits - so cute and stylish!  They made me AND Hollis happy! 

Will Holden will be SO handsome in these.  I was going to have him model but I think we all have seen #willholdenphotofails and I didn't have it in me to try and force him to model. ha! 

I LOVE shopping for Carter's at Kohl's and I think YOU should too!!!! And to make it easier for one of you - I'm going to give away two $50 gift cards! One her on the blog and one on my instagram.  

To win here - just leave a comment saying what you would buy or who you would shop for! And to enter on IG - just go there and leave a comment! 

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