Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I heard this song on the radio a few minutes ago and it had me in tears really quick. This has always been a favorite song of mine - I meant to have it sung at my wedding and then just forgot. But I think it has never had more meaning to me than it does now.
The last line of the song really caught me:
"Heart aches we go through are often blessings in disguise.
Thank you Lord - How could I ask for more?"

I think I'm feeling a little weepy and overly blessed all at the same time. Everytime I go to Wal-Mart and see the Christmas trees and hear the Christmas music and with the cold weather - it's just my favorite time of year and it's 1000 times better this year as I wait to meet my little girl. This time last year I was so sad and now I can hardly bear all the happiness I have inside me.

NOW - question of the day:
What are essentials to pack for the hospital? I have 8 more weeks but it's never to early to plan. And I just have no idea what I'll need. It's like packing for the best vacation ever! ha! I've never even been in the hospital before so I'm totally clueless!


The Writer Chic said...

I could give you a huge list, but instead, I'll just leave you with this little tip: I picked up an antibacterial LOTION soap from Bath and Body Works to keep in the hospital bathroom. You, and everyone else, are washing your hands so much, this is SO much nicer than hospital soap, and whatever scent you pick with forever remind you or Harper's birth.

Oh....and pack your own pillow with a cute pillowcase. Does wonders to "homey" up the room. (And take it from a girl who was in the hostpial for a month -- the cuter the better!). Praying for you, Kelly!

Melissa said...

I always make sure to bring lots of warm socks and some slippers.

Did you watch TBL last night? I stayed up until 11:45 to finish it, and I was thrilled with the ending! You are the only other person I know (well, kind of) who watches, so I had to say something to someone! Don't want to ruin it for you though if you haven't watched yet.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

No idea what you should pack...but wanted to leave a comment anyway. I've never heard this song before but I really like it and the video!

Jessica said...

One thing I was glad I brought was mouthwash. While I was laboring I could only have ice chips and I was glad I had the mouthwash to freshen my mouth up.

The Spillman Family Blog said...

After having two babies, I can offer a list of essentials:
1. A comfy pillow without a white pillowcase (hospital pillows are like pancakes and a colored pillow case will reduce the chance that they mistake it for one of their own)
2. A blanket (again, hospital stuff is not-so-nice)
3. Bath towels (ditto)
4. A robe (this keeps you comfy and warm and looks better in pictures than a hospital gown)
5. Your going home outfit (should be cute but comfortable)
6. All your toiletries
7. Blankets, hats and outfits for the baby (it's never too early to get dress them up in their own cute stuff)
8. Your camera with battery charger
9. A cell phone charger
10. A journal (I started journaling the day both of my girls were born--it's precious to be able to capture your thoughts right away)

Hope this helps! I've been reading your blog for a whilte and just couldn't resist offering some tips on this one.

Rashel and A.D. said...

I don't have any children yet, but I am a post partum nurse at St. Vincent Womens Hospital in here a few items I see being used more often:

~The hospital usually provides those sexy mesh panties that you'll be throwing away with each change. They shold also provide many different sizes of pads.
~ Bring your own toothbrush/paste, shower stuff..the hospitals are usually junk.
~Slippers for walking on the floors/halls.
~camera/charger/batteries/cellphone/labtop to load pics for your bloggers :)
~baby book if you want to have the nurses stamp her feet in, or visitors sign.
~ Some good chapstick
~ Favors for visitors, I've seen cute pink and brown(strawberry/rootbeer) baby feet suckers.
~ The hospital provides diapers, wipes, hats, pacifiers, blankets, and baby clothes, but if you want her dressed in yours, just have them washed first.
~ A comfy robe.
~ Clothes for Dad (vaginal delivery usually stay 2 days)
~ Comfy clothes for you to go home in. Don't be sad if it takes you a week or so to notice any weight change. Women usually leave the hospital still looking pregant...its normal!
I think that is all for now! Good luck! Thinking and praying for you!

A said...

definitley the soap that someone else mentioned!!!

any snacks you might food gets pretty yuck...and depending on the time you go in, there may not be much available for you.

a boppy help position the baby for nursing

some towels and washcloths...I forgot these both times, and the hospital ones are just gross!!!

some cute dont want to have to sit around in the hospital gown with visitors over

a blanket for you (they will have awesome ones for the baby)

onesie for the dont have to leave them in the hospital shirt if you dont want to

your breast pump (if you have one and are going to be in the hospital for a few days, your milk may come in and you will want this!!!)

I will come up with some more, but thats all for now!!!

Jen said...

Make sure to take your cute baby book so you can have little Harper's footprints in there too! They'll stamp her feet on just about anything you ask them to! :)

Jennifer said...

I made sure to have a robe, fuzzy socks, slippers and my own panties. I was allergic to the mesh panties that they gave at the hospital and so was glad to get in my own even though they do get ruined! Also make sure and have some Benadryl at home. Again, I was allergic to the tape they used for the epidural and my whole back was itchy! Just some helpful hints.

Lauren said...

Some of the following could fall under "TMI", but having honest friends is one thing I value - so here it goes!;)

1) Chapstick - if you are given an oxygen mask, your lips will dry out A LOT.

2) Ditto on the mouthwash or breath spray. I threw up right before Dawson was delivered (so gross, but it happens), and having the ice chips and mouthwash helped a lot.

3) Tucks Pads and Preparation-H. Um, yeah. If you push for any amount of time, you'll want these. You may also want to have handy one of the donut pillows to sit on after you get home.

4) A notepad and pen. You will use this to right down when Harper eats, how bad your pain is, etc. The nurses will ask how bad you're hurting each time they come to give you meds post-delivery.

5) Smelly-good antibacterial gel from B&B. Quicker than soap and water for guests.

6) Paper, pen and tape. Use this to put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door. Nurses will ignore it, but guests should not. I finally put one up just so I could get some sleep. Between feeding Harper and receiving guests, you have to get some rest.

7) An open mind. Nothing is as unpredictable as childbirth. Also, nothing will make you feel as gross. It will take you an hour to take a shower after she's born. It's the hardest work you'll ever do (recovery included), but if you go with the flow, you'll be happy.

8) Flameless candles. You can't have real candles in the hospital, so the flameless ones add some prettiness and helps get rid of the "hospital" smell.

You will be an amazing mom!

Alisha said...

Hey girl I just stumbled across your blog the other day and it's sooo cute! I'm lovin the recipes and so is my husband!!! I would have to agree with everything that Michele put in the comment above me but I have to add one thing...your husband needs to pack a little overnight bag as well. You'll definately want him there to help you the first night!

p.s. I would have everything (car seat and all)loaded up 3wks in advance...she might come early!

Congratulations and good luck!

Taylor said...

I packed slippers, a robe, pjs, change of clothes, I think 3 different outfits for Grace :), blankets for Grace, burp clothes, pacifiers, lotion, and I used the change of clothes for me the day I went home, and I think I actually tried all 3 outfits on baby girl!! Ha! Basically, you won't need nearly what you might think. Some girls take their own pjs to sleep in in the hospital, but to be honest it's pretty messy after giving birth and I didn't want to mess up my pjs when I could use the hospital gown. Plus if you're going to breastfeed the hospital gowns are so much easier to maneuver in. One comfy pillow with your pillow case and maybe a blanket would suffice! And of course baby Harper's "coming home" outfit!! Still praying for you!!

Rathi said...

Loved the video! Heart aches we go through are often blessings in disguise.Thank you Lord - How could I ask for more?" How true that is.. So glad that you get to meet your blessing soon! Thanks for posting this and that line means so much to me! Thanks for giving us all hope!!! Have a great Wednesday!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Make sure you take a bow for her hair!!

Jill said...

My friend had this song in her wedding...great song.

Can't help ya on the bag packing...I've been in the hospital but not for this! :) I'm sure you will get lots of ideas but one of the things my friend took was the baby book, so that all of the visitors could personally sign it. I thought that was a neat idea and it saved new mom from having to remember and write everyone in later.

Amy said...

Such great suggestions already! I would add that I packed a lot of goodies for my husband. It was a planned c-section, so I knew we'd be there for 3-4 days, and the man can eat! I brought all of his favorite snacks and a couple of magazines for him to look at, too. Oh! And don't forget your favorite music and your list of names and numbers to call when Harper arrives!

Angela said...

You need to pack two bags. One for delivery and another for post partum. I say this because you will probably be moved to another room. Also you don't want to have to lug most of that stuff up to the delivery room while in labor. So pack a small bag for delivery. Then after baby comes, Dad can retrieve the rest of your stuff.

Take your boppy. That comes in handy for breastfeeding and the pillows don't do so well at the hospital.
Also remember you can take pretty much anything from the hospital home, so the diapers, pacis, hats, maxi pads, tucks pads, all are free to go home with you, so don't bother stocking up until you know what you are coming home with. Ask another mom who has delivered at your hospital the ins and outs of that.

Kelly said...

I don't want to sound repetitive, socks, shoes that are comfortable, and definitely a boppy pillow! I also brought my own pillow with pillowcase! My daughter was in the NICU for 6days so I had to travel to see her (I was breastfeedig too), so I was glad I brought my crocs to go back and forth. I was so stylish in my hospital gown and crcos! HA!
Also, different outfits for Harper depending on how big or small she is. My daughter was 5 lbs and I had to send my sister to go and get her premie outfit to wear home!
Good lucd and I cannot wait to meet her!

Unknown said...

I don't want to repeat everyone so here are my two "additions". I had a natural (no-drugs) birth and had significant bleeding afterwords (everyone does). It was helpful to have adult diapers instead of the mesh panties in the hospital (mine were loose and I couldn't really even walk around in them). Much easier to deal with and more comfortable. Slightly embarrassing but oh well.

Be sure your going home outfit is nice and comfy. You'll still be at about a "six-month pregnant woman" size and the worst mistake is to bring pre-pregnancy pants.

Enjoy these last few weeks being pregnant. As exciting as it is to have her on the outside, there is something very sweet and unforgettable about cradling your baby inside you as well. I wish I slowed down and enjoyed my last few weeks of pregnancy.

Paige said...

OK-Totally bring your own pillow and warm socks. Keep your socks on in labor...if you are the kind who has cold feet---cuz they are out there and exposed to the world for a LONG time.

YOUR OWN PAJAMAS...nothing says you have to wear that blue dotted hospital gown and you will feel so much better in your own pjs.

A couple of blank pieces of paper for the nurses to do footprints for the baby book. You could bring your great baby book, but I have seen many a page in a baby book messed up by a rushed nurse who didn't take the time to do it right. If you have a couple of pieces of paper, then mistakes are easily thrown out and you can cut and mount on cute paper for the book!

Pages for visitors to sign and write notes to Harper. These are precious, especially later (even six years later)!

Several different take home outfits for Harper in various sizes. You never know what will fit and what won't and what you will like and what you won't!

Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and some jam up lotion! Good smelling help get rid of that sterile smell all around you. SHOWER SHOES!

Camera and charger for camera and phone charger in case labor is long.

Ok-other than your "I'm going home today with my sweet, precious baby " outfit, anything else you need can be brought to you!

Can't wait to meet this sweet little one!

jamie b said...

I haven't read all of your other comments yet, so i'm sorry if I repeat what others have said. I was only at the hospital 24 hours and didn't need a whole lot, but here are a couple of things I used:

1-Clorox Wipes! You'll be using that bathroom a lot so you might want to have someone wipe it down for you really good first. Staff infection is rampant in hospitals so it can't hurt.

2-A robe so you'll be comfy and cute. :)

3-flipflops or slippers

4-Going home clothes for you and baby. We just used the nursery's diapers, blankets, and onsies until it was time to go home. Here's a tip about that too. Before you leave the hospital, take everything off that baby cart! Blankets, onsies, hairbrush, suction bulb, etc. You're paying for it so take it! :)

Of course cameras, cellphone, etc. I know you are so excited! It's such a wonderful time!

Deidre said...

Thank you for posting this video, Kelly. I have always loved that song. That put with scripture is an added blessing. I really needed that 'peace' spoken to my heart today :)

As for what to pack ... I never went to the hospital without my blanket and my pillow :)

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Make sure you bring your camera and video recorder. We took pictures of each family member meeting Carter for the first time and then put them in a photo album.

Don't forget diapers and baby wipes. The wipes the hospital gave us when Carter was born was so rough I just couldn't bear to use them on his fresh little bottom!

A robe and slippers is a must have so you can be fully covered to visit Harper in the Nursery and also be covered for visitors. Comfy clothes you you and tiny clothes for Harper...I could not believe how big the newborn clothes were on Carter and he was almost a 9lb baby!

If you are planning on nursing I would bring a boppy nursing pillow.

I think you are wise to start getting this stuff ready and prepared because I am sure as the time gets closer you will think of more things to add.

Jennifer said...

All the lists are great. I will tell you that the WC does provide you with diapers and wipes. The wipes are good wipes so you will not have to worry about Harper's little bum!

Make sure and take some snacks for Scott. It's very important that he has energy!!:) They have that really small cafeteria and there a vending machine, but if he is like Josh he will need some real food!

Dr. Seale told me everything to pack at one of my appointments so I am sure she will do that for you too. Her advice was to pack for a weekend trip, but don't overpack!

Kendra said...

I cry EVERY time I hear that song. Without fail. It serves as such a good reminder to all the goodness God has given me, and it usually helps me regain perspective.
So happy for you!!!!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, I love that song. I've wanted to sing it so bad in church for a long time. Maybe it's time to just buck up and sing it.

Things to bring to the hospital:
1. your pillow - hospital pillow are terrible.
2. socks - just in case your feet get cold
3. houseshoes - don't ever walk barefoot on a hospital floor.
4. baby book - for visitors to sign, write down gifts people bring you, for handprints and footprints, little extra notes to jot down while you are there.
5. nursing bra - i'll tell you, the nursing sports bras or camis from Target are the best!
6. maternity clothes to go home in - don't bring your normal clothes
7. important phone numbers - i made a list of people and their phone numbers of people to call after they were born
8. if you wear contacts, don't forget contact solution and holder
9. camera!!!

You don't need underwear or nightgown...use the hospitals that way you don't ruin your good stuff.

Ashley said...

I love the soap idea that monica @ writer chic hands got so dry from washing them so much.

However, I did have some white tea and ginger soap from B&BW at home when we came home. I used it so much and now whenever I smell it, all the memories come flooding back. They've discontinued it now and I so wish they still had it!

michelle said...

I definitely agree about the Preparation H! U will need it! :) I took my body pillow because I was so used to sleeping with it towards the end of the pregnancy and I couldn’t sleep well without it and it worked out b/c I was in labor for 33 hours so I was so happy that I had it, also some nice house shoes and robe for when you can walk around and to go see Harper :)

sunset pines farm said...

Definitely a cute set of pjs and comfy socks. Journal-that was the best thing I packed.
Have someone save you a copy of the local paper on the day Harper is born, so you can put it in her scrapbook or memory box.

Lauren said...

You have gotten some great suggestions. Here are a few of mine...

1. A bath robe
2. A nursing bra - I always put mine on when they gave me my hospital gown... That way I was ready to go after the baby was born.
3. Houseshoes
4. Your OWN pillow
5. Your Boppy
6. Burp Cloths
7. Gowns for the baby - It just makes things SO much easier for changing diapers and such
8. Some pretty PJ's (I'm all for that... Mine were never ruined)... and great smelling body wash. It is the best feeling after you have had a baby... Taking a shower and dressing into some pretty pajamas.
9. Lanolin
10. Babywise book (I read this BOTH times while in labor... To freshen up and I needed for quick reference)

Packing for the hospital is so fun. I am so excited for you! She will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to pack my hospital bag (as well as Mabry Grace's) weeks before her delivery. I ended up packing her bag about three weeks early thinking I was ahead of the game and I kid you not my water broke about five minutes later. I didn't even have my own bag packed. Thank goodness I had a good friend who just took charge. First by driving me to the hospital and then once I was in the good hands of a doctor and my husband rushed home and packed for me.

Some of the things I was really glad to have:

1. A pillow from home. It was much nicer to sleep on than the ones that they provide.

2. A Boppy. Being a new mom and new to nursing is hard enough. This made it much more comfortable while sitting in the bed. (Especially since I had a c-section).

3. A bathrobe is really good to have. I didn't want to wear any of my nice pajamas (easy to get messed up after having a baby) and so it was nice to have a robe to wrap up in when I was making my way to the bathroom or to walk the halls.

4. Slippers for in the hospital and then a pair of slip on shoes for the trip home. It was hard after the c-section to bend over and so this made it much easier.

5. Nursing bra and nursing pads.

6. A list of important phone numbers and a calling card if you aren't allowed to have cell phones in the room.

7. I can't tell you how wonderful I felt to take a shower and blow dry and straighten my hair after I had the baby. I don't think I have ever felt more clean and wonderful than I did after that particular shower. So favorite body wash, shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer, etc. are all good to have.

8. A camera. I documented every little moment of Mabry's first 48 hours. I couldn't get enough and wanted to remember every little detail.

If you can bring things in a travel size that helps. There isn't much room in a lot of these rooms and it just helps to keep down on the clutter. Plus it will make it easier on Scott when he has to take it all out to the car on going home day.

If I can think of anything else, I will let you know.

Oh it might be a good idea to have Scott pack a little bag for himself too. My husband said he wished he would have had a pillow of his own as well as a bag with just basic things like a fresh t-shirt, toothbrush and deodorant because you don't know how long you are going to be waiting for the little ones arrival and then once she is here, he won't want to leave.

The Milams said...

I didn't read thru everyone else's comments so I am sure they hit the basics, but no one ever told me to bring a hair dryer and we were frantically searching for one after my first shower. My hospital didn't supply that and I am not a person who has good air dried hair!

Chapstick was also a must for me!

Ashley McWhorter said...

After having two (and pregnant w/ my 3rd, due in 4 weeks), here is hopefully some helpful advice...

-take about 3 pairs of pj pants, shirts, etc. for you
-if you are planning on nursing, wear a nursing bra to the hospital. They like for you to nurse right away after the baby is born, and it is really difficult and uncomfortable to try and get a regular one off. :)
-cute onsies/sleepers, hats, and blankets for Harper. All they'll give you is a little t-shirt for her to wear
-DO NOT worry about packing diapers, wipes, etc in the diaper bag. They provide every bit of that at the hospital and any extras, you get to take home.
-pacis (my girls didn't like the ones the hospital provided)
-A Nipple Shield. Sounds funny, I know, but for a new nursing mom, it WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!! They are made by Medela and are at Target and Babies R Us
-Gas medicine (for Haprer). Their tummies are sooooo sensitive when they are first born and this will save you from some VERY long nights of screaming. They also make some wonderful stuff called Gripe Water.
-Make sure you take a shower and wash your hair before you go to the hospital. You never know the next time you'll get one and you'll want to look good for all of those wonderful pictures after she is born :)
-Your OWN pillow
-The car seat :)
-I didn't bring any "post baby" supplies for myself. They provided everything at the hospital and they'll show you how to "apply" everything once Harper is born. ALL modesty is thrown out the window by this point. :) But, you will probably be sending you hubby to Walgreens after you get home for some more things/

This is all I can think of right now. If I think of something else, I'll let you know.

Guess I better get packing myself. :)

Miz Jean said...

This may not be something you can pack ahead of time, but I loved having my Bible along. God pointed me to some awesome verses after my daughter was born. And since I had 5 lovely days in the hospital (1.5 days of labor and the rest c-section recovery) I liked having it there.

And the boppy, like someone else mentioned, is really great if you end up with a c-section.

I forgot to bring a nursing bra (duh!) and regretted it immensely.

I brought a few little cards for them to stamp the footprints on because I didn't want the baby book lying around and getting smudged or dirty or whathaveyou.

I brought a nightgown but never wore it. I didn't mind the hospital pjs.

I also didn't mind the mesh undies...they were so loose and that was a great comfort after surgery!

Have fun packing your bag!!

LeeAnn said...

This might be TMI but very useful none the less:
Bring your own pads. And I mean the big ones! The hospital ones are like diapers. I was so happy to bring my own. Make sure you get the big ones! ;)

Mochamama said...

I totally recommend bringing plenty of chapstick! I don't know what it is about labor, but my lips were so dry both times and I couldn't put enough chapstick on. I also recommend bringing, slippers, regular size pads, and a robe...those were all my must haves! Good luck's such an exciting time. God Bless! Meredith

Anonymous said...

The only thing I haven't seen in the comments above that I would highly recommend is bringing your ipod and speakers. You will love having praise and worship music set the tone for your room as you hold little Harper. :)

susanv said...

(Hopefully, I did not post this twice.) If you are induced, take some games, music, etc. to keep you entertained in the delivery room. I was induced with both of my kiddos and it was nice to play a game of cards with my sis and hubby while we were waiting. The doctor and nurses will tell you to rest, but I was too excited to rest. (Obviously, I had very easily deliveries with both of my children and I pray for the same for you.)

Betsy said...

Awwww....I love that song, too! And I haven't heard it in a while. What a sweet video. I get weepy sometimes, too, just thinking about all my blessings. God is just so good to us!

I think the only two pieces of advice I could give you about the hospital (looks like you are SET on advice!!!) is:

1-bring your own pillow...there's nothing more comforting and comfortable!

2-don't worry about cute gowns or pajamas (you will be really messy, believe me!) But some comfy slippers, socks, and/or flip flops are a must for walking around on that cold hospital floor!

I am getting so excited to see Harper!!

Kristen said...

Sounds like most people have it covered! I brought 12x12 paper in blue and pink for the nurse to put my babies footprints on. I framed their sets of prints for my wall and they look so sweet together instead os just put on their "here ya go" certificate.

And make-up. You take a lot of pictures in that hospital and with Graham I looked SO washed out. I learned my lesson with the next 2!

Meredith said...

You deserve every happiness, sweet Kelly. I'm afraid the tears and emotions don't stop after the baby gets here...I am still very quick to tear up. That is a beautiful song. I actually sang it in church, many years ago.

Beki said...

Oh I LOVE that song too! One of my sisters sang it at my wedding. Makes me cry everytime I hear it.

I skimmed through your comments-looks like everyone has it just about covered. If you can find a nursing gown or PJS, that is helpful. And your Boppy Pillow (I think someone mentioned that)-those are awesome!! My best friend actually brough ear plugs so she could get some rest-ha! (Her hubby snores really loud) A slippers and comfy socks are a must!

Missy said...

hi kelly,
when we went to the hospital i packed the things i didn't want to chance to my hubby running out for, like, my favorite chap stick, battery chargers, a cute pair of slippers, my favorite robe and pillow and my favorite jammies. then for him i packed the fun stuff. cds, crossword puzzles, crackers, gum, a camera for "daddy cam". everything else was obvious, toiletries for both. we were happy for the few things we took b/c going home, everything doubled over. gifts, freebies from the hospital, people!, etc...

chesley said...

I've never visited here before buy found you through Kim at small words - love your blog! I didn't read all the other comments, but I'd make sure to take a boppy pillow, change for vending machines, lanolin cream if you plan on nursing, and slippers or flip flops in addition to all of your toiletries. I would also reccomend taking baby nail clippers. You may not need them, but when I had my 1st baby his nails needed to be cut as soon as he was born, and the nurses told me they didn't keep clippers because they'd have to use a different pair for every baby. Good Luck!!

Katie said...

Phew! You already have a lot of comments on this, so I am sure that I will be repeating most of it. I *definitely* overpacked (like I always do!) when I packed my bags for Amelia's birth. Thank goodness there was a lot of family there to carry it all!! Hopefully, I won't do that again this time...but...we'll see... Anyway, some of the things I was so happy that I took are:

1. flip-flops (both for walking around and for in the shower! Eww!)

2. my own pillow with an embroidered pillowcase (this time, we'll bring Mike one, too)

3. my robe (I wore the hospital gown instead of the jommies that I brought b/c it allowed much easier access for BF'ing, but those two giant slits for your boobs are sometimes hard to keep shut and I did not want my company to be getting the full-on experience! Plus, I wore their gowns & the fabulously fashionable mesh panties b/c of happens...)

4. definitely a bow or headband for Harper's hospital pictures (if she doesn't have enough hair for a bow, use KY Jelly and it will stick to her head! It kinda dries and then when you take the bow off, you just wipe it off with water.)

5. Cameras, cell phones, batteries/chargers

6. Toiletries (I just got a duplicate set of everything and had it ready to go in my bag that way I didn't have to worry about forgetting something)

7. nursing bra (I wore mine to the hospital when I was in labor b/c directly after she was born, I started nursing her. It makes it very easy. I always preferred the nursing sports bra types...I think I got mine at Babies 'R Us.)

8. Clorox wipes and soap (I had given Mike strict orders to scrub the bedrails and the sink handles and the remote and the phone and the toilet seat....okay, I'm a bit germ obsessive... and it smells so much better when everyone is washing their hands prior to baby-holding if they are using good B&BW soap)

9. Harper's baby book or some pages from it (I had taken Amelia's book, but forgot to have them stamp her feet and hands in it...they still give me paper with it on there, but I wish it would have been in the book. Also, side note...if you want, ask one of your nurses if you can have a strip of her heart rate and the contractions from when you are being monitored. I just think it's neat, and don't forget to keep the hospital bracelet they put on her!)

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but I'm sure you have gotten lots of great advice! I truly overpacked and had about 7 bags (big ones!) with us!! I packed diapers and tons of clothes. You really won't need that much, and if there is something that you forgot, I'm sure you'll have plenty of folks around who can go grab something for you! Have fun packin'!!

Leigh Ann said...

One of my favorite songs of all time! I can't listen to it either without tearing up. Really. How could I ask for more!?!

I'm no help on the hospital bag. EG came early so I arrived with no bag, and I can't remember six years back with Evan. I just remember having my mom buy some slippers for me so I didn't have to go barefoot on that hospital floor. Eeeww!

Katie said...

OH! I almost forgot...I took my breastpump. I had to use mine when my labor stalled to try and get my contractions going again. (That kind of stimulation is a natural way to get contractions going instead of having to use Pitocin. It works sometimes, and it's def. worth a try if you need it.) So, if you have one, you might want to stick it in the car. (If you don't have one yet, and you intend to BF, go ahead and get the good one...the good Medela one is the best!)

We also got a couple of the newspapers from the day that Amelia was born. I have them boxed up in her SAVE boxes, just so years from now she can see what was going on in the world (or at least in Atlanta!) the day she was born.

And with the carseat, you can take it to your local fire dept. and they can make sure it is installed correctly. Those guys usually get their knee in the seat itself and make sure it is TIGHT in the car! Just thought I'd mention it!

Heather said...

I love that song. I read through your comments and you have received a lot of GREAT advice! I will say this, though: I am an organizing freak and a perfectionist....but take it from the best you can and try to be prepared with your bag. But if there's something you forget- no biggie. There will be plenty of people around to run to the store, home, etc. for you. The most important thing (really person) to be there is Harper-(and Scott, of course) the rest is just a bonus!!!! :)

Mrs. McDaniel's Class said...

I can't think of anything not already mentioned. You have to get the Bath and Body antibacterial had gel. I took Cucumber and Melon and made everybody who touched Macey use it. This may sound silly, but every time I smell it now all the memories from that most special time come back. It is a feeling you whished you could bottle up and keep forever. You are about to experience the ride of a lifetime! Take the time to enjoy every second. It goes by too fast!

Jessica said...

this may be obvious.. but take MAKEUP (not that you need it) but it's one thing most don't have double of, so I'd make sure to throw it in before I headed out. I know I will def want to feel as refreshed as possible the 2nd day for visitors and all the lovely pictures! Also take any stying products you may need...and a little pop-up mirror so you can do it all from the comfort of your hospital bed!

The Garners said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song--Nicole and I listened to this in college and I tried to find the lyrics a while back but couldn't for some reason--I couldn't remember enough of it. It's SUCH a sweet song.

I overpacked as always, which I hate. It's such a sweet, wonderful time, but also one when you don't feel like (or at least I didn't) changing into cute PJs and all that. I was TOO TIRED. My suitcases just became extra stuff for Lane to have to carry to the car when we checked out. It was a struggle for me to shuffle to the bathroom with the IV attached and all, so the ugly hospital gown actually seemed to be the most practical. I did wear make-up, just because I didn't want the pictures to haunt me for the rest of my life. Take WATERPROOF mascara--I had mascara all over my face from crying (tears of joy, of course, not pain!) :) I also took the kids' baby books for people to sign when they visited and for putting the baby's footprints in--the nurse will do that for you if you ask, I think. For sure take shoes or flip-flops--the floors remind me of walking around in the cabins at church camp--ick! :) Camera batteries--fully charged, phone charger. Comfy outfit and shoes to come home in--my feet were really puffy both times, more so than when pregnant. I think the IV fluids made me really puffy and I couldn't get my ring off, and I could barely tie my tennis shoes. I was glad I didn't bring dressy shoes or boots. (This is probably waaaay too much information that you didn't care to know!) I didn't take my own pillow, but wish I had. OH, AND DON'T FORGET THE CAR SEAT!!! :)

The Garners said...

Oh, and I'd made a list of people to call and phone numbers before I went. That way I could hand it to Mom or Lane, etc. so they could do some of the calling. I was too tired to call everyone individually. All my numbers are programmed into my phone, so making a list to pass to them was helpful.

The Garners said...

P.S. Again. :)
I think I also did a draft e-mail before I left for the hospital so that all Lane had to do was fill in the info and download a picture and it would be ready to send to everyone. If you do that, please put me on the list!!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Pack your own snacks. I took snacks so when you can eat you will have some stuff that
you will want.
I had some fruits like washed grapes in a ziploc container.
Looks like everyone else has covered the rest.

Just snacks!

Mrs. Valente said...

I skimmed through the comments and it looks like you're covered, so I'll just smile and nod;)

I'm expecting my fifth (first singleton baby) in March, and am just as excited as the first time.

You'll be a great mom, and your blog is ADORABLE. I think I'll add ya!;)

Kerri said...

Your OWN fluffly toilet paper...Makes a huge difference:-)

Staci said...'s been great reading all these because it's stuff I would have NEVER thought of!

I l-o-v-e the soap idea!

The only miniscule offer I have is a blanket for yourself. When my sister had her baby, she said she was freezing. I literally saw her shaking she was so cold.

I am just beside myself with happiness for you and can't wait to see Harper:)

Charity said...

Hey girl...I totally keep up with your blog and have for awhile! I am pretty sure I have left you a comment before...

I read through your comments and actually started on my own packing list from others' suggestions! Ha! Even though I am not due until March 3!

When I had my son, he was 4lbs. 2oz. The nurses in the nursery were VERY helpful with the breast feeding! I noticed someone suggested a nipple shield to you. I would NOT recommend you use one. Because Landon was so little, they felt he needed the help of a nipple shield to latch on. It did help him, but they told me to ween him off of the shield and not to use it forever. Well...I was never able to really ween him from it. He was so used to it. That skin to skin contact is VERY important in the production of your milk. I was able to BF for 5 months, but by 3 months, I was having to supplement with formula because he was gaining enough on breast milk alone because my supply wasn't what it should be. That is just a suggestion. I am really going to try to NOT use one this time.

Congratulation again! I am SO excited for you! These are fun times ahead!

Mary said...

Okay I didn't read all of the other comments--you get a lot!! but there are two things that I wish I had been told ahead of time about and was not--Now this might only apply if you have a c-section but it's good to be prepared!! Breast pads--the disposable ones (Lansinoh brand is my favorite,) in case your milk comes in while in hospital, and a few nursing bras for the same reason. If you deliver naturally you might be home by the time you get milk but with my kids I was in the hospital for four days and both times I started needed both items and had to send people out.

Our Story said...

I have a friend who makes hosptial kits. Her website is The kits come with the essentials not a whole lot of fluff. They also make these adorable hospital gowns. Not an essential of course, but makes you look cute. I packed way too much stuff. The one thing I did pack was a photo album with filled with 3X5 cards with Scripture verses. It was great to remind myself of God's strength. Best wishes!

Christine said...

I just had my 2nd c-section in March, so I was able to figure out what I needed to pack differently from what I packed the first time. Definitely take your own shampoo, lotion, bodywash/soap...the hospital stuff is so anti-bacterial smelling. Yuck! Plus, I know this is going to sound gross...but instead of wearing the net panties that the hospital provided with the big huge jumbo maxi-pads, I took Depends undergarments to wear for all of the bleeding. I read about this on a mommy-to-be message board, and the post-partum nurses at my hospital were very impressed with the idea. They worked awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I just adopted an baby boy from the hospital last week, and I'm really glad I brought a little burp cloth and baby nail file! Baby's nails are so long at birth. We also took our own snacks (we were there longer than the normal stay for our adoption).


Nashville TV Show said...

Don't forget your insurance card & Harper's pediatrician information - you'll need all that for check-in. I also took some cash out to keep stashed in my wallet a few weeks before birth. With a debit card, I never carry cash anymore but wanted some for vending machines, parking, etc. But if you forget something - don't worry about it!! All you really need is you, Scott & a beautiful baby girl!!

Gina said...

pretty nightgowns (2)(you can pull them up when you get in the bed to prevent messing them). (Hospital gowns are unattractive.)
Camera, extra battery
cell phone charger.
baby book to get Harpers footprints when they ink up her feet.
favorite granola bars in case you need an off hour snack.
Fashion magazines to read when Harper goes back to the nursery between shifts or to read while holding her because you will never put her down...completely normal.
snack for hubby (I always brought a tin of cashews for mine for each of my 4 deliveries...its a tradition...he loved it)
nice smelling body lotion...something soft and light so you don't overwhelm have to smell good for her! Maybe something vanilla?

Jacquie said...

Sweet, sweet post, Kelly. I remember when I was pregnant with Kale (I wasn't a Christian then, but I was searching and God was doing a work on my heart)... anyway, I was so overwhelmed with joy through the whole pregnancy.

I can't even remember what was in my bag... that was so long ago... but I will tell you one thing I LOVED after having my kids - the peri-light!! Do they still have those?

Mary Avery said...

I would suggest:
1. Change for vending machine (for dad or you if you get hungry later)
2. Slippers/robe/nursing PJs (if you so choose)
3. Pads (just go ahead and stock up now!)
4. Baby book for foot prints and guests to sign (and have it out ready right before she comes because in the chaos it might be forgotten, I booked marked ours so we could flip it open quickly!)
5. Pillow for you and Dad
6. All cameras with chargers, etc.
7. I know this sounds weird...pack another pair of contacts just in case you need them or they tear or dry up during delivery. Mine dried up so bad after pushing for 3 hours.
Just go ahead and pack the diaper bag and your bag and have it ready because you never know when it may happen! Hopefully not for a while! Can't wait!

Leigh Ann said...

Call me weird, but I didn't take cute p.j.'s to wear during the day. I had just a button up nightgown at night so I could nurse, but during the day I wore regular clothes and sat in the rocking chair mostly, I just couldn't stand being in the bed. I wore some early maternity clothes. In fact I had a c-section with all of mine and the best advice I ever got with that, was to get up and move asap to work out the soreness before the drugs wore off. Anyway, the funny part was with my third, the second day, I actually had to show my mommie bracelet to the nurse before they gave me Bryant. In her words, you sure don't look like a mother who just had surgery 12 hours ago. I just felt better and more mentally in check when I had a shower and looked and dressed normal. I'm strange I know. I like the comments about the scents---get a baby lotion you really like and it will stay with you forever.

Katie Brown said...

I don't know how you've had time to read all of these great comments. It's funny how we all say just about the same things. Women really are all alike! I will tell you a few things I haven't heard.
I always heard that the shower afterwards would be the most wonderful one ever, and I couldn't wait. But then, when you have two epidurals, and try to get to the bathroom, you pass out instead! Needless to say, the poor nurses got me clean, and all modesty I had left after being out there for the world to see was gone.

I had a fourth degree tear (the worst) and the Tucks work wonders, along with the epifoam they give you. Try sticking the Tucks in the fridge because they feel wonderful when you put them on.

I also wanted to get my own underwear instead of wearing the mesh stuff, but when you're lying back at an incline in that bed or down, things get ruined, so think about that with your PJs. I wore my new ones on my second day there, since the bleeding will start to die down a bit. It's a lot though. The large ones the hospital gives you, allows for plenty of protection. The ones they sell at the store are more for when you get home and it tapers off.

Do the Sitz bath!!! It's the most relieving thing you can do to treat yourself. Yes, it's a pain to do it everytime you go, but it will help so much. My husband was so sweet and rigged me up some thing once we got home by attaching the bag to a hanger and hanging it on the shower rod, since most are by the toilet, so I could have some privacy. The water just continues to flow downward to where you are sitting. I hope that's not too confusing.

Enjoy the moment and try to journal it all. You will be so happy that you write it down from the beginning. I love reading my journals from when I was in the hospital and the first few days at home. It will go by so fast! My baby's almost 4. His due date was Jan. 18th, but was born on the 12th. Best wishes!

Katie Brown said...

Oh, I forgot one more thing! I don't know about the rest of your readers, but my ankles and feet were like twice the size they were before I delivered. I'm sure it was all the fluid. I couldn't get my tennis shoes on that I was going to wear home, along with my HOGS sweatshirt and comfy pants. I ended up wearing my PJs and robe with slippers.

Katie said...

Kelly, this is so exciting! I was the same way...I wanted to pack our bags when I was 20 weeks just to be ready. Jason wouldn't let me though. ;)

I can't wait to hear all about your hospital experience. It will be wonderful!

This song was sung at our wedding. Love it.

Meredith said...

better to do it early my daughter was born @ 37wks-surprise!

chapstick for sure, sassy slippers, nursing bra, socks, kleenex, hand sanitizer, pillow, boppy, comfortable pants to wear home, trial size shampoo/conditioner/lotion. etc.

i remember the last 10 wks of my pregnancy were my favorite. right after my daughter was born i kept thinking..i miss her moving in my stomach! but oh-there she was right beside me-such a miracle-so happy for you.. :)

Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

I hope I am not repeating an earlier comment. But, take something to read...a magazine or a book, and your ipod.

Janet said...

I found a "ring cushion" VERY useful after my episiotomy - 20 years ago! It was the most comfortable thing to sit on! I would pack that first in case! Love reading your blog! Stumbled on it a while ago and have been following for some time. This is such an exciting time in your life - and enjoy these last weeks before Harper comes. The preparation for her is also special and it goes by so quickly!

Sisters said...

I did have this sung at my wedding. I love it...

The Proctors said...

Love this song!!

Ok...I think you probably have gotten lots of good lists for things to bring to the hospital! The one thing that I was so glad that I had was CHAPSTICK!! Giving birth and nursing makes you so thirsty which in turn makes your lips so dry!!

You are getting so close! Harper will be here before you know it! I loved this time of my pregnancy that you are going through. It gets so exciting!! Enjoy this time with you and your hubby!

The Allens said...

You've never been in the hospital before? How blessed you are!

Jenifer said...

I just have to tell you...I came across your blog yesterday from another friend of mine. I have spent 7 hours reading every thing from your very first post. (I am not a freak, I promise). I spent 4-1/2 hours yesterday and 2-12 this morning...while at work! The reason I got so caught up is because you remind me of a great friend of mine (whose name is Kelly, also). I really enjoyed the reading. Harper is going to be one decked out little girl!
Jenifer, Amarillo TX.

Kyndal said...

Kelly, I am in the process of creating my own packing list for 5 weeks from now, so I've enjoyed going through these suggestions and comparing them to what I had down so far! It's been so helpful to add a couple of important items (like a Boppy pillow) to my list. Looks like most everything is covered, except here are is a suggestion I had from the lady who instructed my Preparing for Childbirth class:
*For your hubby - Any meds you think he might need while there (ibuprofen, eyedrops, Tums, anything - he won't be able to get it from the hospital)
Best wishes during these final weeks of pregnancy! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your beautiful baby girl!

mer@lifeat7000feet said... reading some of these comments, I'm thinking you're going to need 3-4 bags to pack all this stuff! :)

My (short list) includes: lip balm, slippers, robe, pillow, Lansinoh (a lanolin cream made specifically for breastfeeding mothers--you can buy it in the baby section of Walmart), and your baby book!

I brought markers and had people who came by to visit write something in the book (or maybe just on the pages) I could have a record of it.

Megan L Hutchings said...

You are so sweet! Just think how beauitful the holidays will be next year ;)!

Here are a few essentials:

For You: warm socks, slippers, your favorite pillow with a different color, lip balm, and one of your favorite snacks.

For Hubby: Snacks!

Others: We had a picture for everyone to sign. Also, we brought thank you cards to fill out for all of my nurses :)!

Katie said...

Hey, Kelly...I just thought of something... Have you pre-registered at your hospital? You may have already done that, and if not, I think I remember you mentioning that you were taking a class at your hospital (is that right?) and they usually cover that then. It saves a whole lot of time and effort when you do get to the hospital and you are in labor!

KellyB said...

I brought a dvd player and watched movies all day while I waited and waited... it was a life saver (but I know a ton of woman that had a short labor and did not need it) I bought the prettiest pajamas from Victoria secret to wear (most people said not to bring nice stuff but I wanted to feel good afterwards...and I did in my cute pajamas) slippers, pillow! Lip Gloss!! Plenty for Miss Harper to wear.

Sooooo exciting :)

Lindsey said...

Pack Scott a sweatshirt. I had the coldest room ever or so says my husband. He froze with MM but knew better with Harper Jane:)

Chele said...

The two things I always tell people to be sure to bring are their baby book and some nail clippers. I don't know if you will clip or file her little nails, but our hospital had nothing to trim them with and my babies nails were so long. My daughter scratched her face terrible right before her first pics! I was so sad;(
You will want your baby book so they can stamp her cute little tooties right on the page. Be careful to let them dry completely...they will smudge easily (from experience)!

MMM said...

Thanks for helping me with my list!

Amanda (McNeely) Vestal said...

I brought a ton of stuff to the hospital, but only used a few things. I would bring pajamas, socks, boppy, baby fingernail clippers, chapstick, and outfits for you and the baby to wear home.

At Willow Creek, you're not in the hospital very long, so you really don't need much. I think in total I was there 30 hours.