Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There isn't a lot to write about this week. Scott and I have both been a little under the weather for the past week so we haven't been doing much besides working, catching up on our TV shows and sleeping. Tonight is a big TV night for us - "Lost" and "Biggest Loser". Two of our favorite shows. One of the girls on Biggest Loser works for my company so it made it more interesting. She's lost over 75 lbs so far and looks amazing! If only I could go away to a ranch for a few months and do nothing but eat healthy and work out with a trainer......that just might be the trick to make me lose weight! :-)
My parents are leaving early Saturday morning for a mission trip to Nicauraga. Keep them in your prayers. My dad has been there several times but this will be my mom's first trip. I know she'll enjoy it. My dad loves going on mission trips and I know God has called him to do mission work (whether in AR or in other countries) but I know he still is a little sad to miss the TN game! ha! No - spreading the gospel to third world countries is much more rewarding than any razorback game will ever be.
Speaking of the TN game.......only 3 more days! We are going to try and head down to Fayetteville early Saturday morning to catch the show live! I'm so excited! I've shopping for red gloves and scarfs's going to be a cold game! GO HOGS GO!