Saturday, August 26, 2006

Julie and I have discovered the greatest invention since the internet!
We went this morning to Pass Your Plate. In case you haven't heard of this ..... go to the link at the bottom and check it out.
What happens is you go this place and they have everything ready for you to make meals....everything is chopped up and measured out and they provide all the mixing bowls and utensils and you just go from station to station making meals. They give you step by step instructions and then you have these mouth-watering meals in freezer ready containers. You can then freeze the meals (that have ready made stickers that tell you directions on how to cook) and you can pull out one every night for delicious meals in minutes. Each meal makes enough for about 2 to 3 meals when there is just 2 of you. So we got 11 meals (or really 33 meals) for only $150. That's less than $5 a meal for 2 people. I can't cook for that and we certainly can't eat out for that. And the people that worked there were so nice. Julie and I had soooo much fun. We can''t wait to eat our meals and then we can't wait to do it again. Our husbands are certainly going to be happy to come home to home cooked meals each night and we will not be stressed in trying to work and cook. And we have all kinds of things like chicken manicotti, cajun jambalaya, beef and bean enchiladas, sweet and sour pork and chicken saltimbocca to look foward to!
Happy Eating!